2015 rMBP Booting to Kernel Panic Error

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by iamMacPerson, Feb 18, 2017.

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    I purchased a used 2015 MacBook Pro off eBay about a month ago, and the only reason was because it was a good deal and was only 3 months old (still under the 1 year of AppleCare). Within the first couple days, I started having problems with the machine waking to a black screen, then every now and again it would turn off. I would turn it back on and would be greeted with a 'Your Mac Restarted Because of A Problem' (indicative of a Kernel Panic). I took it in to the Apple Store and they replaced the logic board and SSD as the Kernel Panics reported "Could not recover SATA HDD after 5 attempts. Terminating." along with various errors pointing to either 'Frame:Return Address' problems with IO Kit and random Threads crashing (I am unsure if it is talking about CPU Threads, Software Threads or what. Just something like 'Thread 5 crashed'.

    Got the machine back, and the waking to a black screen issue was resolved and I thought the Kernel Panics were too, until two days ago when I tired to wake the machine and realize it powered itself off. Turned it on, logged in, same thing: it kernel panicked. So far, it has Kernel Panicked twice in the span of 3 days and it's always when waking from a long sleep (e.x. over night, or more then 12 hours).

    Should I take it back to the Apple Store? I have already tried I clean install of the OS and nothing has helped. I'm at my whits end with a 4 month old computer that keeps crashing.
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