2015 rMBP screen goes black for a second

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jerryk, May 15, 2017.

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    I was noticing the screen on my 2015 rMBP will go black for a second every once and a while. It is very similar to when I plug in an external monitor and the screen goes black for a second before directing output to the monitor. Only it is exhibiting this behavior when I am surfing the web, running applications, etc. It happens maybe once a day or so, and I cannot detect a pattern based on usage.

    Any ideas.
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    I have the exact same problem with my 15" 2015 dGPU. I've noticed it happens when the computer switches between graphics cards, but it's not reproducible every time.
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    You could consider going into system prefs -> power and turn off the graphics switching (pretty sure it's in there), and see if the screen still does the blinking. That should at least eliminate that as being the culprit.

    I noticed today in Brackets, when installing an extension that my 2016 MacBook Pro gets a vertical / horizontal blinking line where the little icon is spinning... though all models of the 2016 I have used do this exact same thing, my iMac doesn't.. just the odd quirks sometimes. Hopefully not an indication of anything else.
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    Get this thing to an apple store or aasp asap. There has been a recurring problem with GPUs in this model that have been recalled. Ask them to do an MRI with a VST for your model of machine to deep stress the GPU.
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    I agree - definitely ask them to run the Inspector with VST. With both MacBook Pros I have had that developed GPU issues, both started out with some small quirk like this, and then over a period of several months the issues became more frequent and new (more problematic) issues developed up through a point where they just failed. It seemed like the earlier quirks were most prominent at the point of iGPU-->dGPU switching. And, if possible, documenting this on video might be worthwhile should things get worse.

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