2016 15 mpb without touchbar?


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Jun 20, 2017
hi people,

I'm looking into buying a MacBook Pro 15, preferably without touchbar, since I heard lots of negative things about it, and like USB ports. also budget. so the 2015 models look good to me.

I found a local seller of one 15 mbp.
this pics clearly look pre 2016.

however the specs and the screenshot she sent me (https://imgur.com/a/1EZ9zXd) clearly point to the 2016 model. also if I look up the serial number it points to the 2016 one.

she said apple changed the keyboard from U.S. to German.

my only explanation is that this is a scam and the pictures are from different MacBooks. also the price is very low.

would be great to know what you think...

thank you
[doublepost=1539166928][/doublepost]also.. I could of course just go there to check. if I look up system specs and it really says 2016 but it doesn't have a touchbar.... for 900€.. what would you do?
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