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Keyboard issues

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Oct 17, 2016
Note to @maflynn, I felt this would get lost in the main thread but if you think it's better merged then that's fine.

Edited to make clearer:

I thought it might be a good idea to see if there's any pattern with these keyboard issues, and if there are any solutions people have come across. If you would like to discuss the problem, or share your frustration please use this thread


If people could note where and when they are having the issues using the poll above, it should at least serve as a visual guide for any common areas of issue. If your keys fall over 2 or more areas then vote for each one. This only needs to be a general consensus on where issues are more prone.

If anyone has found a solution, or a temporary fix. Please post that below. If your only solution has been to have the keyboard replaced then please post below. Or if you've gleaned any insights from discussions with Apple regarding the problem, feel free to post that too. Please again post general frustrations into this thread


I have a theory that the keys are of such small tolerance that when warmed up they're expanding against their container. Or that even a small spec of dirt is enough to cause this issue. Therefore if we see a lot of keys in only a certain area effected, then it could be an indication of a design flaw. If however it's completely random, it's more likely to be individual manufacturing defects.

Either way I hope this could provide some solid indication in order to advise people if they need to have a replacement. As it would appear the main discussion is fuelled by frustration and anger at Apple support, instead of trying to work out if there's a genuine flaw or not.

And if people are searching to see if others are experiencing issues then there should be a visual reference or indication that they are not alone, hopefully with a few things to try before sending their computer in for repair.
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Aug 14, 2015
Land of Smiles
Whilst this sounds like a good idea it's going to be troublesome

Firstly ignoring language differences typical KB usages will vary between user types ie those that type a lot will see typical patterns of key usages (etaoinshrdlcumwfgypbvkjxqz high to low) with special characters and space bar/backspace sitting very high where gamers and programmers or those with tendency to use navigation keys more may see entirely different patterns

Given modern manufacturing techniques it is quite likely on small sample sets to get the appearance of random results but could be simply tooling change frequency for example

The most likely explanation IMO will be design tolerance (manufacturing based or actual specifications) followed by other additional external factors of environment (internal or external) and user

But its worth a shot, however it remains odd that on such a premium product we should even be having this discussion given the supposedly attention to detail most think Apple are renown for :rolleyes:
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Apr 5, 2017
I think its a worthwhile idea, although I presume that ideas to fix the issues may have already been discussed in the main thread. Nevertheless...:

  1. 1st 2016 MacBook: B, O, P, S, left shift, left tab and delete keys as well as the majority of the number keys. Replacement 2016 MacBook: 3, 5, and J keys.
  2. Both occurred in brand new laptops (1st was a refurb, but that's neither here nor there), and only reproducible on CPU usage (warm/hot computers). Keyboards worked fine when cold.
  3. My only resolutions have been to go to the Genius bar. Heh. Not going to risk tinkering with keyboard mechanisms when warranty is there. Not only that but even the techs have alluded to how frustrating repairing these 2016+ machines have been.


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Oct 27, 2016
MBP 15" with TB late-2016 here.

1. Two problems: one key ("b") registering multiple presses after touching it only once; a few occasionally sticky-sounding keys (I remember "t", "u" and "caps lock" doing it).
2. Computer was bought new and has been used for 6 months now. Sticky keys are definitely occurring when the laptop is warm/hot, stuck "b" key occurs randomly (heat might also play a role, but I don't have sufficient evidence to speculate about that). The frequency of these issues is low and has been decreasing over time (*touches wood*).
3. The "sticky keys" behavior disappears spontaneously as soon as the laptop cools down. As for the "stuck b key", a compressed air blow and a couple minutes of key mashing usually restores normal behavior (sounds absurd but it actually works!). Overall the issue doesn't impact my daily work, so for the time being I'm just living with it.


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Original poster
Oct 17, 2016
Thanks for the responses. I'd wanted to use a poll but had to sleep on it to work out a simple way of doing it. So have edited the main post now.

This doesn't really need individual keys, hopefully we'll be able to gather enough data to have an indication of which areas are more likely to be concerned. Perhaps then can work out an actual cause. Or help people confused about the issue.
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