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Discussion in 'iMac' started by ex0dus, Oct 31, 2018.

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    I ended up purchasing a new (b-stock) iMac 2017 21” i7 3.6ghz 16gb 512gb SSD ATI rage 555 for $1440. This item was a b-stock return to CDW. When I received the iMac yesterday it was brand new just out of the box and never used. I’m curious if I got a good deal or I should return it considering there could be a new iMac soon ? I’d like to keep this machine for at least 3 years and do photo editing with it.
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    That sounds like a good deal to me.
    I am sure that this machine will be good for over 3 years.

    No one knows when the new iMac will be out. It could be next week, or it could be in 2020.

    There are threads earlier this year with people asking if they should wait for the 2018 iMac, many people thought that there would be 2018 iMacs last Spring, then summer, then fall, and it still has not happened.

    I said last winter that there might not be new iMacs until 2019, and it looks like this is correct.

    You can return the iMac and wait for the new one if you want, but I would just take the deal you got. Even if new iMacs came out tomorrow, it is not like your iMac would be instantly obsolete.

    Also, with the way Apple is going if their HW, the new iMac, if it is a redesign, might have some undesirable features on it, like soldered SSD or RAM.
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    Configuring it on the Apple Website, that Mac would be $2,200 new. $800 off is a great discount.
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    Thank you for the advice. I think I will keep it based on what you've said. It seems like a great machine so far. My last iMac was a 20" Core 2 Duo so this is a nice upgrade.
  4. BigBoy2018, Oct 31, 2018
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    THIS. Soldered SSD would be extremely unfortunate imo. I've upgraded the hard drives in each of my last 3 iMacs to SSD's and the 2.5 inch SATA standard SATA SSD drives are MUCH less expensive per gig than the Apple blade options. And before you tell me how much 'faster' the Apple drives are, I will state that in real world use, you see virtually no different in an SSD that transfers at 500mb/sec vs 2000mb/sec. Unless of course you do a LOT of very large file transfers.

    The biggest noticable benefit from any SSD is in the access times, and you get that benefit whether it's an off the shelf SATA SSD or some proprietary overly-expensive option from Apple.
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    That SSD is not soldered in and can be upgraded if it turns out to be not enough. Although a used 2T system pull is around $1,500 if you could find one (good luck with that!) 1T can be found. A pull has to come from a 2015 or later MacBook Pro or a 2017 iMac.

    A 2T Samsung 970 EVO lists for $579 and can be found for as little as $499. You also need a pin-out adapter that costs $6–13 depending on where you buy it.

    The only real issue is the labor it takes to put one in. Probably don’t want to do it while under Warranty or AppleCare.
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    Ummm...that is a great deal. I have the 2017 4k iMac with 3.0 Ghz, 16 gigs of RAM, 256 gig SSD and the MSRP on this one is $1700. I felt good being able to buy it for $1600 from B&H Photo last year. $1440 is an excellent price and you got a better processor plus twice as much internal SSD storage.
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    Seems like a very good deal. The current iMacs are still very nice computers that will continue to serve folks well for many years. What irritates me is that Apple never softens the price even for a product that, while still a very good product, is well behind in terms of technology. Everyone has been anticipating a new iMac but no one knows when that may happen at this point. At this point, nothing would surprise me with respect to the iMac.
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    I just customized it on Apple's website with your specs and that machine is $2,200 brand new from Apple. So yes, you got a great deal. I say enjoy it instead of worrying about a new iMac in the future.

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