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2017 iMac memory 2667MHz


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Jul 9, 2012
Two years ago I got my iMac i7 4.2MHz with 8GB and added 16MB of Crucial for a total of 24GB of 2400MHz DDR4. Today I replaced both of the sets of 2400MHZ modules with a Crucial pair of 32GB 2667MHz memory. The motherboard boots right up and all seems well.

This makes me wonder if Apply did anything to make the 2019 change of adding. the i9 8 core CPU. The 2017 mother board handles 2667MHz memory. So, will it also recognize and use an i9 8 core CPU? If so, it will be tempting to replace the CPU and SSD when AppleCare expires next year.


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Sep 6, 2002
The “speed” of memory chips refers to how quickly it can return data after being presented with an address. It’s a maximum speed. Your 2667 RAM is operating at the same speed as your old RAM.
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