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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by brock2621, Sep 13, 2016.

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    Walt Mossberg recently said on the Verge's "CTRL Walt Delete" podcast that he was told "off the record" that J. I've put together a presentation for the internal team of what his perfect iPhone would be, breaking down the details of all the necessary hardware and manufacturing work that needs to be done. He concluded by saying he needed another year to do it right.

    In thinking about the iPhone 7S or 8, I believe Apple will reboot the entire brand. Everything that we know as recognizablely "iPhone" from a hardware perspective will probably be changed, most notably removing the iconic "Home" button that Jobs and team introduced a decade ago and revolutionized the wireless communications industry. Thus, I feel Apple will layout what they think the foundation of the next decade of iPhone will be, complete with no bezels and no home button.

    And using previous moves in the iPad space I feel it completely in the realm of possibility to reboot everything with simply "iPhone."
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    FYI, in 2007 the home button was neither a revolution nor a new concept. As an owner of an iPhone in 2007, there were many other reasons why the iPhone was revolutionary.
    Replacing the physical button with a virtual will not, IMO, be worthy of being called a "reboot."

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