2017 vs 2016 MBP


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Jul 13, 2017

I am looking for a personal laptop and would prefer buying a new one.
2016 MBP 8GB 256GB is available for 1299 and the same config 2017 is for 1499.
Is 2017 worth the extra 200?
Personally, I don't think I would need the extra processing, are there any other hardware updates?
Did they iron out things in the 2017 iteration as 2016 was a redesign and might have issues

Appreciate any inputs

Thank you


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Jul 13, 2017
Im looking forward for this answer too. I owned MBP 15" mid 2012, but after my iCloud was hacked and my comouter was locked as lost, I had to send it to Apple repair center to unlock EFI. Ive got it back with dead battery (though it was near to dead - 1500+ cycles) and motherboard error, so therefore no use of it.

I was looking between
1. 2016 (16GB/512GB/Radeon 455/i7-6820HQ 2.7GHz) for 2,599 EUR
2. 2016 (16GB/256GB/Radeon 450/i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz) for 2,249 EUR
3. 2017 (16GB/256GB/Radeon 555/i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz) for 2,529 EUR.
I will continue to use new MBP for same as I did till now:
- Logic Pro X for music production.
- Serato DJ for live DJing.
- Final Cut Pro X & Adobe After effects for video editing.
- Photoshop/Affinity for design & photo editing.
- I will however still own 512GB SSD and will make it as external (hope I can find usb-c enclosure), so I guess those 256/512 doesnt count much?
So I am a bit lost, newer model is cheaper, but does it perform better then 2016? Or it is just cheaper due lower SSD?


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Jun 17, 2012
Apple outlet store has base nTB 2016 MBPs for $1189. Pretty good deal if you ask me. Full one year warranty. As good as brand new!