2018 refurbished 13-in. MBP--mfg. date 2019-05-20

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Broadus, Jul 19, 2019.

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    I set up my new (refurbished) 2018 13-in. MBP (2.3GHz, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM) yesterday. After doing a good deal of research, I opted for the 2018 refurb instead of the comparable 2019 new to save $400. The only spec difference, I think, is the processor, 2.4GHz for the 2019. At any rate. I'm very pleased with it, though the 13" screen takes a little getting used to after six years of a 15-in. MBP (also refurbished), not to mention 15-inch Windows machines before 2013.

    The one thing I miss is the MagSafe power connector. A lot.

    The keyboard is perfectly fine for me. I type a lot and seem to adjust to whatever keyboard I have. I like it better than my 15-in. 2012 rMBP, and that keyboard was fine. This one feels more solid and sounds much less clicky. Whether it holds up, I guess, is another story.

    Which brings me to the manufacturing date: May 20, 2019 (battery mfg. date is March 10, 2019). I was surprised that 2018 models were still being made the month that the 2019's were released. I'm sure there's a reason for it, and some of you with more knowledge and awareness of these things wouldn't think twice about it, but I was a little surprised. Is there any possibility that 2019 keyboards were used in these late 2018 models?
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    I would guess that the manufacture date is the date when it has been re-certified, not the original date of manufacture of the unit. My 2015 is a refurb too and the date was surprisingly recent when I got it.
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    Ah, good point.
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    Interestingly, plugging the serial number into the chipmunk site, I get the following outlay of information:

    Nice Name: MacBook Pro Core i7 2.7 13 Touch/Mid-2018
    Machine Model: MacBookPro15,2
    Please visit our facebook page
    Family name: A1989
    Group1: MacBook
    Group2: Pro
    EMC number: 3214
    Model introduced: 2018
    CPU speed: 2.7GHz
    Screen size: 13.3 inch
    Screen resolution: 2560x1600 pixels
    Colour: Space Grey
    Return Key: Please tell us what model keyboard this model has. Do you have a US style HORIZONTAL, or ISO style VERTICAL return key on the keyboard?
    Production week : -21- (May)
    Production year : -2019-
    Model introduced: -2018-
    Capacity: 512GB
    Memory - flavour: Soldered
    Memory - maximum total: 16GB
    Factory: C0 (Quanta Computer (Subsidiary = Tech Com) China)

    Among the inaccuracies are the CPU speed and storage capacity. The manufacturing date (or recertification date) is the same as the Coconut Battery app reveals.

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