2019 16 in MB Pro first impressions


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Microcenter had a pretty good deal on a new 16 in MB Pro - 2.3 i9 1 TB 16gb mem 5500 4gb GPU for ~$2355 if you used their in store credit card. Best deal I could find for the configuration even with sales tax; I checked B&H and their price was a bit more than what I paid. You have the option of %0 financing for 6 mo or %5 off at purchase time. I took the %5 getting the price down.

I am coming from the vaunted 2012 15 in non-retina MB Pro. I added a 1TB ssd and doubled the memory to 16gb a number of years ago. To be honest it served my needs but I have been looking to upgrade for some time - just cuz. My first Mac was the 12 in Powerbook 1.33gz CPU - the old PPC. I used it for nearly 10 years so I suspect I will get years of use out of this new one as I have gotten 8 years out of my last MacBook Pro.

Its fast, quiet and of course much thinner and lighter. The increased screen size is greater than I expected. I use a 2016 15 MB Pro for work and the 16in really does provide reasonably more screen real estate. It might not make a difference to someone doing photo/video work, but it is noticeable.

The keyboard on my prior 2012 was excellent and I am still adapting to the new one but so far the new keyboard works well. It lacks the tactile feel of the old one but is not hard to use. Let's see if it can last.

I have only had this since last Sunday so this is truly first impressions. I have compiled some code and encoded a recent video I took using Handbake. I previously encoded this video on my old laptop. Obviously the new laptop blew it away. The fan was hardly noticeable whereas my 2012's fan was quite loud and the laptop was uncomfortably warm - hot in fact. The 2019 did it much faster and quieter. I didn't track times however.

I might try out some games. I have an Xbox for gaming but it would be nice to see how this Mac handles a reasonably new game. My experience with Mac gaming has been limited at best in part due to performance. I might resurrect some old Steam games and give them a whirl.

I can't say the touchpad is all that. I would prefer proper function keys but it is what it is. I do like that the ESC key is back and the finger print sensor is awesome. Not needing to type your pwd in constantly is quite convenient - Yeah tough problem to have I know. Ah - since this laptop is 802.11 ac my wifi speeds, at least at home, are much better.

One downside to note - since the only ports are USB c I had to get a USB C to USB adaptor. My external time machine drive is, of course, USB (A/B?) so I made a trip to the Apple store last night to pick one up. $20 so not terrible but still. I will more than likely get a USB C dock.

All in all I am very happy with it. Not sure yet what I will do with my old laptop. It needs a new battery but is otherwise a good performer. Ebay perhaps?
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