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2019 27" iMac - screen flickering (mostly on 50% gray bg)


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May 19, 2016
So, yesterday I was installing AMD GPU drivers for Bootcamp from During the final phase, the screen completely glitched and was showing random stripes, flashing, colors, etc. So I rebooted the Mac and then when booting again to Windows I noticed that whole screen was flickering like mad. I thought that it was driver issue. But then I rebooted into macOS only to find out it was doing the same thing. Only time it was not flickering was when the brightness of display was sent to 3 bars out of 16 (or less). PRAM reset did not work, SMC reset did not work. I then booted into Bootcamp once more and reinstalled the drivers. The flickering seemed it got away, or so I thought. However, upon opening any website where there are shades of gray, I noticed the flickering in those parts again. I also used online EIZO monitor test and noticed most flickering when 50% grey background was set. I then ran some random youtube video with quick color flashes (used to cure dead pixels) for couple of minutes, did couple of restarts and it went away. However, now when I open some 50% gray background (or photo with some gray areas), turn brightness to 100% and REALLY focus, I can see some flickering there again. I can't even record the video because it does not show when recorded. The question is whether this was there from the beginning and the issue with Bootcamp drivers only magnified it or if somehow my GPU or display could be damaged by this installation. Does anyone have similar or same experience?
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