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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AppleLeaks90, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Nov 7, 2018
    Yes. It has only been a few weeks since the release of the iPhone XS/XS Max/XR models, but yet again more leaks out for next year. Already. First leak. Apple may completely redesign the iPhone look, making the phone completely stand-out from other devices. Second leak. Notch will be shrunk a bit. It's expected not to get in the way of users and blend into design. Third Leak. Prices of these phones will likely be above $1,250. This is due to the way this device is manufactured. Not only does Apple get some money, so does all others who help them out. 4th leak. It is expected that beginning of 2019 Samsung will officially begin to create cameras for the iPhone. 5th Leak. The names are different between many leakers, but I'm going with the iPhone XI and XI Max. The Max will probably price around $1,500 at a very tall size. Well, thats gonna hold off for what we know so far. Not much but enough to get us thinking, "It's that time again".
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    Not sure if you are being sarcastic or not...
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    I don’t know if I can see the Max being increased in size. I mean, isn’t it already “just right” or a little too big? And pricing wise, I don’t even know what to say if they go up even more.
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    I took what I found from a TRUSTED leaker.
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    They will continue increasing as the phones come out.
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    Trusted by who?

    If this leaker was universally, generally, or even sometimes trusted, it would have been on the front page of MacRumors.
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    Wow! Let's talk about the release of many new updates to rumors, and brand new ones. Only 2 rumors to cover, and then an nearly confirmed price range. 1. The next years iPhones will be just a bit smaller than the Max, and also has the most powerful glass on an iPhone ever. 2. We will see iOS 13 be just a bit more compatible with the iPhones, ranging from iPhone 5S to the 2020 Lineup. Last but not least, the nearly confirmed prices. The iPhone XI in regular size will cost $995.99 and the XI Max will cost $1,050.00. The iPhone XII also should be released in 2019 in the October Event, costing $850 for normal and XII Max will cost $900, bringing a more affordable range. Anyway, thanks for stoppin' by! Have a great weekend!
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    Wow! Someone with such precise pricing predictions MUST have very trustworthy insider sources.:eek:
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    I highly doubt iPhone 5s/6/6+ will get iOS13. 1gb ram won’t cut it and iOS13 is rumored to be a redesign.. I think Apple was trying to give those phones a final version of iOS that performs well to end there support...
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    Careful what you say in here OP, us iPhone users are a touchy lot and not overly friendly if your stray away from the status quo of loving it up :p
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    Apple is releasing the iPhone SE again!?

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