2019 MacBook Pro Audio Dropouts


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Mar 16, 2011
Looking for some suggestions here on what to try next...

Situation: have headphones hooked up via USB-C (Audeze Mobius) via a Caldigits ts3 to my MacBook Pro.

Over the last few weeks I've noticed audio dropouts when doing... well, anything. Maybe every 5 minutes... sometimes less sometimes more. All audio sources incur it.

Here is what I can find in system logs:

Audio IO Overload inputs: '<private>' outputs: '<private>' cause: 'Unknown' prewarming: no recovering: no

I could try another USB-C port? I could try connecting it via my Razer Core X Chroma instead of the ts3... not sure what else to try?

I found a thread that recommended turning off "automatically set date and time" - that didn't do anything.
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