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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today named eight app and game developers receiving an Apple Design Award following WWDC 2020. Apple says winners are recognized for outstanding app design, innovation, ingenuity, and technical achievement.


Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations:
Every year, app and game developers demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship and we're honoring the best of the best. Receiving an Apple Design Award is a special and laudable accomplishment. Past honorees have made some of the most noteworthy apps and games of all time. Through their vision, determination, and exacting standards, the winning developers inspire not only their peers in the Apple developer community, but all of us at Apple, too.
This year's winners are highlighted on the Apple Newsroom:
  • Photo and video editing app "Darkroom" by Bergen Co.
  • Animation playground "Looom" by
  • CAD app "Shapr3D"
  • Digital sheet music app "StaffPad"
  • "Sayonara Wild Hearts" from Simogo and Annapurna Interactive
  • "Sky: Children of the Light" from thatgamecompany
  • "Song of Bloom" from Philipp Stollenmayer
  • "Where Cards Fall" from The Game Band and Snowman
Apple says more than 250 developers have been recognized with Apple Design Awards over the past 20 years.

Article Link: 2020 Apple Design Award Winners Announced, Including Darkroom
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May 10, 2012
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They ought to say "Pro" somewhere. I was a full time commercial photographer and would get goose bumps if people referred to me as a "Pro" or "Professional Photographer." Many hobby picture takers like the status I guess. Rant - sorry. /c
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