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Sep 2, 2015
So a few years ago no one believed me when I said Apple was gonna release a 6.5” OLED Display Phone which Samsung made. And here we are.

Let’s take things a few steps further. The 2020 iPhone ProMax5G already exists in parts and I’ll post them.

#1. USB-C
#2. 90Hz to 120Hz 6.4” OLED Display (this is a Pro Feature) already in use on market buy the ASUS ROG Phone 2, again as Tim Cook likes its an existing off the shelf part.
#3. Samsung is making next gen LPDDR5 cellphone RAM and you know Apple is placing an order for a 6GB cluster.
#4. TSMC, ahead on 5nm die CPU production, with 5G included. You know they have to be ready when Apple and Qualcomm send them final production orders for a 5G A14 Chip.
https://venturebeat.com/2019/07/19/tsmc-speeds-up-5-nanometer-chip-manufacturing-process-due-to-5g-demand/ I’d wager some prototypes exists now.
#5. The Current A13 isn’t designed in concert with Qualcomm, but the next A14 definitely will to better optimize for 5G.
#6. 6.8” OLED Display another existing part used in the Note 10+ now, and yet Samsung eliminated bezels and is Larger yet lighter and thinner than a Note 9 6.4” Display hmmmm... sounds too tempting for Apple to pass on. Now that’s a Pro sized Display.
#7. No Notch. Going along with new Samsung hole punch tech with OLED, I’m positive Apple will not only shrink FaceID sensors, and with Samsung’s help will be able to hide them better.
#8. Finger Print Touch ID sensors in display, it’s possible yet you can’t use Glass display protectors this is one feature I hope Apple doesn’t adopt.


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Mar 8, 2012
Notch free and 5G would be a winner, well worth saving the cash for. Removing the notch will become more a priority for Apple now that they're moving more into gaming services.

Next year's phone should be excellent. This year.. no chance I'm paying £1000+ for a 4G phone with 64GB as standard.


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Dec 22, 2016
Don’t get my hopes up! :D

But will they ruin it all by shrinking the 5.8” down to 5.4”?....:mad:


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Feb 11, 2002
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Great observations!
I’d like the 6.7/6.8 screen but not at the expense of simply squaring the corners. Personally I think the Note looks terrible-talk about a slab.
I’ll take the 5G for future proofing but am not willing to pay the increased service cost and battery burning it will bring. Also, IMO, don’t believe the States will have even fair coverage well into 2021.
A14 - I’ll take it!
Can’t use screen protector with fingerprint sensor? Points off for that. I like Face ID anyway.
Notch-whatever. I actually like it.
Last hurdle is what the cost of a 12 Max Pro 256g going to be?
I’ll be waiting to see what the 2020s will bring and the cost. Then I’ll decide between the 11 Max Pro and the 12 Max Pro.