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2021 Apple Predictions


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Feb 3, 2010
United Kingdom
Just a bit of fun - what do you predict will happen in 2021 for Apple? Could be product announcements, software updates, miscellaneous news (e.g. Apple vs Epic/Hey).

I've listed mine below - was a little more than I first thought, but will be amusing to look back in December and see how close/far away the predictions were! Some based off current rumours, some though are complete guesses. Happy New Year.

Q1 2021

- 2 sizes
- Rechargeable via Qi/MagSafe
- Seamless integration with Find My
- $39/$49
- Leather pouch for keys for $29 in multiple colours

Apple TV
- A12Z chip
- Redesigned remote control
- Support for Spatial Audio
- U1 chip
- Optional Apple Controller ($69) for use with Arcade games

iPad Pro
- 12.9” gets mini LED display
- Both 11” and 12.9” get 5G
- Camera bumps

iPad mini (6th generation)
- ~8.4” display
- A14 chip
- Apple Pencil 2 support
- Touch ID in power button
- 5G

AirPods (3rd generation)
- AirPod Pro-like design without ANC
- Better sound quality
- Support for Spatial Audio
- Different colour finishes à la AirPods Max

AirPods Pro (2nd generation)
- Shorter stem
- Smaller charging case
- Better sound quality


iMac (24-inch)
- New 24-inch iMac with reduced bezels, boxier design
- M1 chip
- Internals essentially same as other M1 Macs
- 27-inch stays in the lineup

iOS/iPadOS 15
- Slight design refresh, inspiration from Big Sur
- Updated weather app based on Dark Sky
- External monitor support for iPad
- App Library for iPad

macOS 12 Monterey
- New apps: Health, Fitness
- Better interface for iCloud Keychain: spin out as a separate app, possibly include support for 2FA codes
- TestFlight for Mac apps

watchOS 8
- New faces
- Faces that can change based on parameters (e.g. time, location)
- More apps compatible with Always On (e.g. Timer, Stopwatch)

tvOS 15
- 🤷‍♂️

3Q/4Q 2021

iPhone 12S / 12S mini / 12S Pro / 12S Pro Max
- A15
- Faster Face ID
- Under-display Touch ID as alternative/complementary authentication option
- Sensor-shift stabilisation on all wide-angle cameras
- Pro: 3-5x optical zoom, 120 Hz display, always-on time, new finish (Copper?)
- 1TB storage option

Apple Watch Series 7
- Updated design (screen further to the edge, capacitive side button, thinner)
- Faster S7 chip
- Body temperature sensor
- New copper stainless steel model in addition to current finishes

iPad (9th generation)
- A14
- 10.5” screen
- 64GB base storage

HomePod (2nd generation)
- U1 chip
- Newer chip (S6?)
- Cheaper

MacBook Pro (14-inch, 16-inch)
- Updated design (rounded display, thinner bezels)
- Mini LED display
- M1X chip (8 P-cores, 4 E-cores)
- Up to 32GB unified memory
- 4 USB 4 ports

iMac (6K 32-inch)
- Updated design
- M1X chip
- iMac Pro discontinued


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Feb 3, 2010
United Kingdom
I don't see why anyone would buy this versus a Mac Mini and a display comparable to an iMac. If the specs are the same, why spend the extra money?
People want the convenience and design of all in ones. Plus, it’s hard to find nice external displays with built in webcam, speakers, mic, etc.


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Dec 10, 2020
sunny florida
Kranack predicts a $599 MacBook SE
looks and smells like the other M1 but:
4gb ram
128 GB ssd
with the logo upside down to let everyone else know SE.


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Oct 17, 2017
Huntsville, AL
Things I would love to see:
  1. Encrypted iCloud backups.
  2. Keychain support for 2FA.
  3. Health encrypted and synced to iCloud with health app on Mac and iPad OS.
  4. Messages in iCloud deleting texts from watch when deleted on other devices.
  5. Apple Mail that actually syncs reads across iCloud devices.
  6. Homekit firmware updates in home app.
  7. Homekit native timer support for "turn light off after x minutes when turned on"
  8. Homekit automate ambient sounds.
  9. Calculator on iPadOS.
  10. Apple Card ability to export transactions during month, rather than waiting on end of month statement.
  11. Apple Card authorized users..

Things that actually might happen:

  1. New MacOS can backup to iCloud and not limited to only Time Machine Backups.
  2. Possibly a bigger subscription push. Maybe an Apple One + hardware type subscription.

I'm sure there's a lot that I'm missing. Cool thread!
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