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Jan 19, 2017
My 2021 MBP always shows the amber charging light, it does not turn green.

Unlike other posts I read, it is not flashing, but constantly amber.

Did anybody experience the same? Does somebody have a solution for this?


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Feb 9, 2021
Hey. I haven't experienced this myself, but are you sure it charges 100% and still displays amber? Optimized Battery Charging could be in play here, which would limit it before it charges to 100%. What macOS version are you on?
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Sep 8, 2006
Saint Charles, MO
My M1 Pro 16" has been doing this and because it's always plugged in, it's always hovering around 75-80% and never charges to 100%. I wish there was a better indication than always seeing amber when it's holding charge but not charging.


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Jan 19, 2017
@All: I am at 12.0.1 - so up to date.

Optimized charging could indeed play a role. I will check the options and tweak them a bit.

I usually use it connected to the cord, this might be the root cause.


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Jun 28, 2016
Keeping it on 100% ? Yes. That's why Apple and other manufacturer made the option to limit the capacity to about 80% usually (best compromise between longevity and capacity and time to charge when you need it)

But if you are just gonna plug it or dock it 24/7 . Just do 50% . Just remember to drain it to about 15% and then fully charge it etc to calibrate it (the fuel gauge that let the system know how much capacity is in the battery not the battery itself since lion doesn't need calibration) every month or so
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Aug 16, 2018
Pittsburgh, Pa
My mid 2012 retina MBP I always drained before charging. Battery held up until a year ago. Now use plugged in all the time. Sometimes I forget to plug it and it will last about an hour before shutting down. I also rarely shut it down.
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Dec 13, 2016
Charlotte, NC
Doesn’t keeping it plugged in all the time hurt the battery?
Its not great, but it hurts it less than it used to. Apple introduced optimized charging a few years back. Essentially, based on usage patterns, macOS will predict when you're going to be plugged in or docked for an extended period of time. When it does this - it will intentionally stop charging at 80%, and the power adapter will continue to display amber. As it gets closer to when it anticipates you'll be undocking it, it will charge to 100%. You can override the charge level at any point manually -

Also - I've noticed that my work issued 2018 MBP which has been docked virtually 100% of the time since the pandemic began - will now also stop charging and drain the battery to 80%, then charge it to 100% again. It appears this too is standard behavior with optimized charging. Pretty slick - software is now helping prolong battery life - much like they're doing with iPhone charging during overnights for most people.
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Apr 11, 2018
So mine finally entered to Optimized Battery charging and let battery stay around 80%. But now MagSafe led is lit amber all the time? I suppose that is indication of Optimize Charging in works?

It seems to stay amber even if I enter Sleep mode.


May 11, 2016
I’m pissed. This just started happening to me on my 2015 MBP. The battery levels don’t agree at the login screen vs. after login. Battery still shows good .. only 28 cycles (I replaced it a couple of years ago). Verified via coconut battery tool. No option to turn off power management to test, status shows charging.. no indication of holding. OS is Monterey.
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