21.5" iMacs Problem Free?


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Mar 3, 2009
According to CNET the 21.5" iMac is the best-selling Apple desktop...

Apple grabs top U.S. retail sales spots in October

A casual reader of this forum might wonder what has happened to all the owners of the smaller iMacs. The majority of threads are either about people waiting for 27" machines or those having problems with them. Are 27" iMacs more prone to problems? Are 27" owners just more vocal? Are 21.5" iMac owners just happily enjoying their machines? It does look that way...


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Nov 10, 2009
That is because the report is for October. i7 are not available via retail. Anyway I got my i5 from retail and have no problems. I do think 27" owners are a little more geeky and vocal.


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Aug 29, 2003
Toronto, Canada
That is because the report is for October. i7 are not available via retail. Anyway I got my i5 from retail and have no problems. I do think 27" owners are a little more geeky and vocal.

I think the kind of people who buy 27"ers are generally a lot more picky and technically inclined, and therefore more likely to notice issues. Many of the issues I find unacceptable (multiple dead pixels in iSight, slight yellow tinge, high pitched low level noise thru speakers), the average customer wouldn't even notice.


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Nov 17, 2009
New York, NY
Hey there. Enjoying mine here. No issues whatsoever. No yellow color issues, no dead pixels and no HD noise.

Maybe I just got lucky. Who knows :rolleyes:


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May 25, 2007
Birmingham, UK
Are 21.5" iMac owners just happily enjoying their machines? It does look that way...
I had mine for a week, had a dead pixel, something dead in the back lit area, flicker and a high pitch noise so it went back for a refund. Nice product, but I'll stick to my Mini for the time being. I could have got a replacement, but after a week I realised how much I hate the glossy screen.

I do miss the Magic Mouse though, might get one when my Mighty Mouse dies (roller - which it probably will)


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Dec 8, 2008

My iMac 3.06 has been so easy to use, and totally trouble free!

I just sold a PC I had to a "friend" today. I needed to clean off my personal info etc. so I spent some quality time with that PC. Boy it is so nice to be back with my iMac.
I haven't heard many say anything about the wireless keyboard and Magic mouse that come with the Late '09 iMac. The wireless keyboard has a wonderful feel. I'm really enjoying using this keyboard and surprised how my typing speed and accuracy have improved because of this keyboard. ;)

The magic Mouse feels like a a touchpad, and I really like that!

My iMac has really exceeded my expectations. I have even taken some workspops at the local Apple store which has given me a greater appreciation for iWork and iMovies. When you consider the excellent software the iMac is a real bargin. :D

I really wish that Apple would build / sell a Netbook with the Apple software. A low cost small laptop would really fit my needs. :cool:


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Dec 8, 2009
Boston, MA
I had the high pitch sound coming from my display that many have noticed. Only certain people can hear this due to age/genes, but trust me, if you are able to hear it, it is incredibly distracting. It pierces through your brain. Anyway, I exchanged it, which didn't fix the problem. The second iMac made the same sound AND had the yellow tint issue....so I upgraded to the 27" base. Finally happy. If you're under 30 and sensitive to high frequencies, beware the 21.5"!


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Aug 4, 2003
New Jersey
My base model 21.5" is perfect. Coming from an iMac G5, I can't believe how much the design has been refined over the years. My machine is so silent I can't generally tell if it's sleeping or if the screen is just blanked (that's actually a little annoying, but I'll live with it :D). No high-pitched nuthin'.

My new biggest complaint is that my external drive (MyBook) is now about 10 times louder than computer.

For now at least, I couldn't be happier.


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Mar 13, 2008
London, UK
The 21.5", and even the bottom 27" are more reliable for the simple reason that they use existing technology - namely the Core 2 Duo CPUs.

The Quads are pushing the thermal envelope, using a new chipset and a hot GPU. The C2D models are cooler, use the older existing chipsets and the cooler 4670/9400M GPUs.


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Jun 21, 2007
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It is? I'd have thought the 21.5" would be the most-sold iMac...
I would think so too! I've got one...and it's a great bit of kit! Not one problem so far in the week that I've had it.

The only niggle I've got is that you've gotta be careful loading CDs/DVDs into the drive so as to not brush them against the case as they will scratch....but that's always been the case as far as I know.
Got my 21.5 " 3.06 with ATI 4670 at Christmas and I couldn't be happier. The screen is beautiful, it's whisper quiet, lightening fast, no flicker, no dead pixels and no yellow tinge. Although sometimes I think I do see some yellow in spots, but then I change my viewing angle and its gone. If not for these forums, I would not even think to look for it. And I refuse to do the yellow tinge tests to see if it actually might be there.

This is the best computer I've ever had. It has such a solid feel compared to the plastic Dell's I've been using for the last 20 years. And the wireless keyboard and magic mouse are great.

I'm just really enjoying playing with this computer and glad I made the switch.


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Nov 29, 2009
Absolutely love mine. None of the issues some are having with the 27.5 inch. Best Mac I've owned.


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Feb 13, 2010
21.5 imac with yellow corner

First, a big thanks for such an informative forum.
I received my i mac on Tue. the 9th of Feb. 2010 and noticed the discoloration in the lower right hand corner a few days later. I called apple care this morning and spoke to a tech about this. He was not surprised to hear my screen had issues and offered two choices. Ship it back or take it to an apple store for repair. I choose to return my Mac. I'm not keeping a new item that is in need of repair.
I will keep you posted as my leap of faith story with Mac continues.

iMac 21.5" 3.33Ghz | 8GB | 2TB | ATI 4670