21.5 or 27 situation also Processor upgrade?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by DrCoffeeMD, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Jun 28, 2010
    Okay I am new to Mac's never owned one and was gonna buy the 21.5 with terabyte harddrive and upgrade the processor to an i5 but I heard a lot of the 21.5 have the yellow tint problem, do these new ones still have this problem and how much less common is it with the 27 inch one. So since I might get the 27inch I will not have enough to upgrade the processor so at a later date can I open her up and drop an i7 or i5 processor in it? Also why can't I choose to upgrade to an i7 on the other iMacs except the most expensive 27 or is there a way?? So let me know about the yellow tint and processor stuff and all my questions thank you
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    Feb 6, 2010
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    I believe the 27" models are known to have more screen issues than the 21". The processor in either model is not upgradeable, so you are stuck with what you got. The quad core CPUs are not available in the 21" due to heat issues
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    Jun 28, 2010
    really ? I heard the 21.5 had a lot more issues, is it more common or less now with the newer models now a days.
    Well I can upgrade to an i5 instead of the stock i3 processors.

    I plan on using this computer to Capture gameplay footage using a HD capture card and also rendering videos using Sony vegas then uploading to youtube, right now my PC's are so slow rendering videos its crazy how long like 4 hours for 9 minute render with commentary on the video.

    And my computers lag on all other things while rendering videos in Sony Vegas 9. I wanna be able to capture footage without lag while rendering videos and also run other applications like web browsing and other things with no lag while rendering. Will i be able to do this with the i3 ? or should i bump up to the i5 and will that be a lot faster?
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    Jul 30, 2010
    Having returned 2 BTO 21" i5 due to yellow screens, I'd say try to buy in a retail store if one is nearby. I gave up on the 21", set up a personal shopping appt, went for the 27 i5, had it set up in-store, and walked out knowing that the screen had no issues. There are several threads from Aug & Sept about the 21 BTOs having noticable yellow screen issues.
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    It's tough to say rather the lag is caused by a gpu bottleneck, hdd bottleneck or cpu bottleneck, it all depends on what the capture card relies on. For instance, a card like hd pvr does all the capturing on its own external hardware, where it live encodes in h264. Only bottleneck that would create lagginess would be the amount of vram in your gpu, but it still doesn't affect the capture itself, only the smoothness of your workflow. The blackmagic intensity only uses lossless or motion jpeg, and both of those are very taxing on the computer's hdd. When most of the hdd's resources are used up, everything on the computer will have some lag.

    Either way, for that workflow, I'd say spring for a i5 or i7 lynnfield iMac-- there's probably lots of good deals on the older ones in the refurb store.

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