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    21 days without complaints - a technique that helps change your life, which has already joined more than 6 million people from 106 countries!

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    The author of this idea, Will Bowen, an American priest, studying people noticed how thinking affects life and suggested 21 days to hold out without complaints, criticism and gossip. The effect exceeds all expectations! People who passed this program, changed beyond recognition, which did not remain unnoticed and already their friends and relatives were connected to the experiment.

    But as it turned out, it is not as easy as it seems. Nobody can honestly hold out for the first time for three weeks. Do not believe me? Check on your own experience. It turns out that we are so accustomed to complain that we have to start again from time to time, because even if you do not pronounce the forbidden words, but just think, the process stops and you need to start again.

    We have developed an application that will help you consciously watch your thoughts and, as a consequence, change them.

    With it, you can:

    - Keep track of time and observe the process, thereby improving the management of your thoughts, and learn to pay attention to what you say;

    - Start to notice the positive, writing down all the good things that happen to you in the calendar, within twenty one-day period, because the best way to get rid of the negative, it will focus on happy moments, which we often do not even notice;

    - Analyze the causes of faults. Carrying out introspection, it will be easier to avoid the same mistakes in the future;

    - Control the mind. The statistics clearly demonstrate how often violations occur;

    - Watch your thinking. The graph will show what is the most difficult for you to take a course, you will learn a lot about yourself;

    - Develop a habit of enjoying life, with reminders that will support you and motivate you;


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    If you want to change your life, get rid of problems, solve some problems and finally become happy, then this app is exactly what you need!

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    Well I have embraced the art of complaining lately. Without legitimate complaints our lives would be worse as many things would not improve.

    I am also sure there are plenty of priests who wish choir boys hadnt complained about their inappropriate actions.

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