21 inch Imac issues?


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May 3, 2004
Hello everyone.I have a mac mini 2.0 4gb ram but i am interested in the imac.Do the new imac 21 have any flickering issues or graphics issues? I am interested in the one with the 9400 nvidia.Thanks so much.


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Oct 15, 2008
No problems here

My 21.5" with the ATI graphics has had no issues at all. It seems to me that most of the issues have been with the 27".


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Nov 12, 2009
If you lived your whole life thinking that way, you might never, ever, ever own a new Mac for as long as you live.
Yeah, but some of the people on that forum are on their 3rd or 4th, 21.5" return and they still hear a high pitched whistle.

They make it sound like they all do that and only the people with bad hearing are happily unaffected.


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Mar 9, 2010
Anyone yet seen the famous apparition in the new iMacs?

I bought the new iMac 21" at the end of November 2009. Within two weeks a smudge appeared on the left top corner of the LCD. I thought dust had settled under the protective plastic sheet which I had not yet removed. I was expecting my new MacBook Pro 15" so I thought let it come and then I will clean the iMac and put it away for a while. The MacBook Pro came after a month. I removed the protective cover from the LCD. Started to clean the dust with a cloth piece from my iKlean kit. Nothing happened. The 'dust' it turns out was a smudge behind the LCD. The resellers now familiar with the problem call this an apparition. A ghost in the mac-hine? I packed the iMac at the beginning of February 2010. It was picked up for repairs by the reseller on around the 12th Feb. So far there is no news of its whereabouts. Spooky! Apple Support is very kind they assure me one day I will get it. The MacBook Pro 15" with OS X 10.6 turned out to be bug-ridden, applications started quitting unexpectedly right after the first power on. I am now two Apple machines to wait for. One day I will get them. Will let you know.
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