24-70L on a Canon Rebel

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by duncanapple, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Jun 12, 2008
    Random question that I couldnt come up with in a google search.

    Does anyone have a picture of a Rebel (dont care if its XS/XSi/XT/XTi/etc) with a 24-70L mounted to it? (Not a picture with it but a picture of it.) I am just curious the size of this lens relative to the body. Not that this will give me an idea of the weight balance, but just curious how this will handle on a smaller DSLR. I tried to take a look at one at my local camera shop too and they didn't have any in stock. I am pretty sure this is the lens I am going to go with (also making the ideal future go-to-walk around lens when I do go full frame) - just curious on some of the nitty gritty now.

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    with Hamburglar.
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    Good lens but I think I'd miss the 24-18 range. Look at the EXIF data in your current library to see how much you currently use the 24-18mm range.
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    Jun 12, 2008
    I agree, I think I will prob miss that range on my current body as well. This is why I have been agonizing over this lens decision for so long. But either way I don't want to buy a lens that I will not be able to use when I do eventually go full frame (such as the excellent, though still EF-S 17-55 2.8). So my options for getting that focal range without spending any money on something that can't be used on an EF mount would either be a 14-35 2.8L (which is very expensive, and prob overkill/more than I need once I do get full frame) or keep the kit lens to swap out with the 24-70 when I need wide angle, until I upgrade bodies.

    My eventual ideal is a true 24-70 focal range (maybe way down the line a nice telephoto to complement it) - the crop body throws a kink in that plan until I upgrade, and I don't really want to throw any money at a stop-gap measure. Even if resale is good on used lenses, I would still prefer not to mess with it. My plan is to learn on the Rebel XS I have, plus the excellent 24-70L. When I get better, in the next two years I plan on going with cheapest full frame Canon that's out at the time. I hope its something in the form of the rumored full frame 60D, that would be perfect :)

    Thanks for the replies all - still curious what this guy looks like mounted on a digital rebel of any vintage!
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    Yeah, I completely agree. You really don't need to buy something that is perfect for your next camera when there is a lens available that is perfect for the camera you have. If you pick up a 17-55 f/2.8 IS (which has L-quality optics), you'll have an even better "walk-around" range and image stabilization to boot. And don't worry about being able to sell it when you go full-frame; that lens is a hot item and fetches high prices on the used market. Think if of as a dirt cheap, long-term rental.

    [Edit: You and I must have been posting at the same time. I just read your last post mentioning the 17-55. You needn't think of it as a stopgap, since it's the perfect solution for your next two years of shooting, and it will be worth close to what you paid for it when you do go full-frame. Regardless, I can say that either lens will feel very heavy on a rebel, and you'll probably want to get the battery grip to balance things outs. I added a grip to my XSi, and now the whole package feels perfect. Without the grip, the lens seemed a bit unwieldy.]

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    Feb 24, 2008
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    Oh yes! Somehow I missed your post before making my 'most informative' one!
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    I bought this lens to pair with a Canon 40D sometime about a year ago.

    I thought I would miss the wide angle. Sometimes I do, but very rarely in practice. Most of what I shoot gets cropped and processed anyway.

    Frankly, I see full-frame continuing to get cheaper, and as I grow up and get a better paying job, the price barrier for buying into the full frame world will be less of a sting. So, I bought lenses that reflected my eventual jump to full frame.

    It is an awesome lens, resolution-wise. I love it. I won't ever go anything but L.
  9. duncanapple thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jun 12, 2008
    Thanks all, those are perfect pics, exactly what I was looking for. With the hood especially, this thing turns into a beast!

    I can also appreciate the "cheap rental" philosophy. I posted some time back about the 24-70L vs the 17-55 if you recall. I guess I am still up in the air but purchase of one of these lenses is imminent :)

    I also think the way the price is dropping eventually full frame will permeate its way through the line, though it could be a long time before it makes its way to the rebel.
  10. Kronie macrumors 6502a


    Dec 4, 2008
    I wouldn't worry about buying lenses that may someday fit full frame dreams. I would buy what works for your current setup. As others have said, look at your focal length and buy accordingly.

    I also wouldn't expect full frame sensors to drastically drop in price anytime soon. Whats the price of the 5DII compared to the 5D? (when the 5D first came out)........only a couple hundred dollars cheaper.

    I have owned both the 24-70 and the 24-105 and while there nice lenses, there really designed for full frame cameras. Even paired with a 10-22 or similar, 24mm breaks in a very bad spot on a 1.6 sensor=constant lens changes for me.:(

    The 24-70 is a fine lens but a monster!!

    Also, EF-S lenses can always be resold for slightly less than you pay for them, so if you do go full frame, just sell them, your not going to lose money. Keep the boxes, and with Ebay, you may even sell them for more than you paid!

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