24" and new 27" Cinema Displays constantly malfunction, anyone having quality issues?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by 3282868, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Long story short:

    I had 2x 24" LED LCD's for ~three years directly connected to my 12-Core Mac Pro5,1 ATI Radeon HD 5770. Each had power supplies and LCD panels replaced 2-3 times, one was swapped for a new model. In May, 1 display wouldn't turn on. As the AppleCare on each was due to exp. in Oct., I called Apple Tech. To my surprise, within 24 hours they approved 2 new 27" models and refunded my AppleCare.

    While working last night, 1 of the displays shut down. I reset my Mac Pro's NVRAM and SMC, plugged it into another surge protector (main is a APC SMART-UPS 1500 workstation “sine wave” for Mac Pro's), connected it to my new MacBook Air, 2012 Mac Mini, let it sit unplugged over night and it will not turn on. I connected the working display to the second input on my Mac Pro and it functioned properly. My Mac Pro does not recognize the second display when it is connected.

    I researched APC SMART-UPS systems in case the UPS was at fault, nothing; if it were my other display and Mac would definitely be effected. I did read a lot of threads on the same issues with Apple's LED displays. I wrote the Apple rep. who approved the replacements, but I'm concerned this will keep happening, impeding my workflow. Has anyone else had this many issues with their displays? I'm very disappointed, the previous 23" CCFL LCD's lasted ~8 years each. This is unacceptable.
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    No direct experience...but stories like this have made me rethink my future Mac Mini set up...going to go 3rd party with the monitor.
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    I wish I had waited for user feedback when Apple released the first 24" LED LCD's that replaced the [amazing] CCFL LCD models. I researched displays for months, tried Dell displays which had dead pixels, banding, bleeding; after five displays I returned them and Dell refunded me everything (gotta give Dell customer service credit).

    I gave in a jumped at 2 24" LED LCD's, my previous Apple displays were great so why not? Unfortunately, it's been a frustrating experience. I'd say avoid them. I'm hoping someone might know more about these displays, maybe my setup is the cause.
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    I was actually getting as much info as I could regarding these displays but have noted quite a few quality control problems with these items as well. To make things worse, on every occasion that I'm at the Apple store here in Toronto browsing, someone is ALWAYS returning a display - it's easy to tell because of the size of the bloody box. This happened again this past Thursday when I was in the parking lot at the store in Burlington. I was in a rush but wanted to ask the person what was wrong with their unit.

    For a $999 unit, this thing had better work flawlessly for at least 10 years. I posted about displays in general in March of this year and chose to go with a Dell U2713HM but so far it's been a slight disappointment for me. I'm actually hoping to return it and wait for the new TBD displays to be released and hoping the news surrounding them is much better.
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    The wife and I are very pleased with our 27" ATD units. I have yet to see another IPS panel that is also a thunderbolt docking station. It will be interesting to see if there Will be a new ATD will the new Mac Pro is released this fall.

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