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Dec 16, 2017
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After coming from a X, I realized I should not have upgraded it to ios 13 first before getting the 11Pro ,as it turns out ( at least to me ) I don’t see any great improvement. Maybe the camera and battery are marginally better, but for my usage it was not much of an upgrade. On the other hand my wife is enjoying my X coming from her 6s.


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Apr 11, 2005
This will be the first time I have gone 3 years having bought an iPhone X two years ago. I also d downloaded the public beta at some point this summer. And could not justify upgrading for a camera and some battery improvement.
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Marginally better? It’s far better on both areas
Yes. But the camera and battery alone were not enough to entice me. And I went 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7 Plus, X. That was 4 years in a row with a new iPhone.
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Nov 22, 2016
I went from the iPhone X to the iPhone 11 and am very happy. The iPhone 11 is faster, at normal viewing distances the LCD screen is a non-issue, the display is bigger, battery life is improved, the camera is significantly better, and Face ID is better than the iPhone X; all for $400 less expensive than the iPhone 11 Pro upgrade with 256 storage vs. 128 GB in iPhone 11. My only "concern" is the Intel modem in the iPhone 11 and ability to avoid dropping a call in fringe cell coverage areas, time will tell on that one. The iPhone X has the excellent Qualcomm modem.

I have Verizon service and so was late to the iPhone game, my first was the 4s. I went to the 5, 5s, 6+, 6s+, 7+, and the X, and the X was my least favorite phone due to the Face ID and need to avoid screen burn-in and have it turn off at 30 seconds. I knew the Xs did not fix the issue, so I never upgraded.