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Jan 29, 2008
Glasgow, UK
Yesterday, like a lot of people on here, I made some comments out of frustration and anger. Whilst some ranted uncontrollably, I voiced some more legitimate concerns, but they got lost in amongst the rants and the replies to others which focused too much on the, "Just because you don't have the latest anymore" angle.

Today, I got up for work and packed my iPad away in my bag as normal. I still used it on the train to work, I surfed the web quickly and fluidly, I played some The World Ends With You and finished another Rebirth on my Level 70 character save of Infinity Blade II. I listened to the latest Cultcast and received some new photos of my 9 week old niece from my sister via our shared PhotoStream.

Basically, I used my iPad as I always had since buying it in June. Not once when using it did the fact it had been replaced cross my mind. The user experience in iOS is fluid, I struggle to see how it could be any smoother, apps loaded quickly, and the Retina Display remains as stunning and sharp as ever.

24 hours later, my third gen iPad is still a powerhouse. It still runs the latest apps and will continue to do so on apps that have been worked on in the last 3 months and are due for release (see Real Racing 3). Yes, I had concerns that apps would dry up due to the fourth gen being the only Retina iPad on sale, and that apps developed for that would be worse on the third gen. This may well be the case, but then again I'm sure developers will find a compromise just like the always have.

People are looking at iPad 2 still being sold and seeing it as a death knell for the third gen iPad. That's not the way to see things. The third gen iPad packs twice the RAM and a quad core GPU to power that display. Anything iPad 2 can run, the third gen iPad will run. Look at the iPad 2 being sold as a good thing, a safety net, that it the third gen will run anything developers throw at the iPad 2.

The third gen iPad has not been made obsolete, it's merely evolved into the fourth gen. Same design, same weight, same thickness, but a new processor/GPU and charging port.

Oh yeah, I typed this on my third gen iPad ... I'm off to watch the end of the Champions League games on SkyGo then maybe I'll play some more TWEWY before hitting the sack. Or I could catch some more Breaking Bad on Netflix, from the comfort of my own bed.

Yeah, I still love my iPad 3. And so should you.
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mac jones

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Apr 6, 2006
I have noticed zero problems with the 3. I don't do games, but I watch HD content.

It will sell when I dump it for the 4 :D


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Aug 30, 2011
Developers as they support the mini will by default
continue to support the iPad 2

The iPad 3 should have nothing to worry about.

I'm keeping my iPad 3 but will be trading the iPad 2 in for a mini.

Chupa Chupa

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Jul 16, 2002
Yup. There isn't anything in the iPad 4 that moves me to want to trade my 3 so soon. But I think this is a watermark in the iPad phenomena. Up until now a lot of us did the annual upgrade thing -- and there was good reason too from the 1 to 2 and 2 to 3.

But I think the iPads are now "normalized" now like Macs. Certainly most of us don't upgrade our laptops or desktops each time Apple bumps a new model. I think that's how its gonna be with the iPad from here out. We'll upgrade when it suits us, not when Apple drops a new model. Apple killed their own iPad goose.


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Mar 20, 2008
I'm still loving my iPad 1, having skipped the 2 and 3 because I have unlimited technolust but limited funds... but I'm ready to upgrade to the iPad 4, because my iPad 1 no longer does what it did when I bought it (i.e., not crash constantly). If I buy the iPad 4, and the 5 comes out next spring (unlikely but not impossible), so be it.
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