24" iMac to a MacBook Pro - Used to larger screen?


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Jan 28, 2006
I am looking to buy a MacBook Pro

I am currently using a 2007 model 24" iMac, has anyone moved from a larger screen to a MacBook. I am wondering if I will find the change hard...

This has got be looking at both 13" and 15" models, I think the 13" just isn't enough, I don't quite understand the new resolutions yet but the 13" just doesn't seem to be enough.

Do you think I will find the change hard?


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Dec 31, 2013
I just upgraded my 2008 24' iMac right before thanksgiving. Ended up getting the 15in rMBP. I had the exact same thoughts as you, but I really wanted my computer to be mobile. I don't find myself wanting a bigger screen, but keep in mind you sit a little closer to the computer most of the time vs your iMac.

I'm really enjoying my computer. To sum it all up, I don't miss my iMac at all. The retina screen alone make this laptop more enjoyable- never mind the fact that the cpu blazes by anything my iMac was doing.....


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Nov 24, 2008
+1 to the above -

I came from a 24" iMac, and the 15" retina is a pleasure to use. I would, however, recommend the 15 over the 13, unless portability is a very high priority. I use a 12" notebook for field work and love it. But as soon as I get back to the office, I need screen real estate.

Strictly speaking, the "best for retina" resolution will feel like 1440x900 compared to the 24" iMac's 1920x1200 desktop, but the sharpness alone of the Retina display will make working much easier on the eyes - it's definitely not a benefit that can be explained on a spec sheet.

All this to say nothing of the portability and speed comparison. Night and day. You'll never look back.
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