24 Inch Led Cinema Display -- Energy Consumption?

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    This summer I'll be buying the new Mac Mini, as I'm trying to get the most energy efficient desktop system. I also need a new screen of course, and as I don't want to sacrefice to much comfort and desktop space, it has to be 24 inch. The most logical choice would be the new Led Cinema Display.

    But recently Dell launched their 24 inch G2410 screen, and although it's damn ugly and has the 1920 * 1080 resolution (Apple's Led Cinema Display has 1920 * 1200), it's much cheaper (half the price) and it's highly energy efficient (only 20 watts, it seems).

    So, my question:
    What's the typical energy consumption of this the 24 inch Led Cinema Display, without the other components (mini, laptop, usb attachments, etc)?

    It seems that I can only find the maximum energy consumption on the Apple website and the review (212W).

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    I'm afraid I don't know about the power consumption, but I just wanted to point out that that G2410 has a TN panel type whereas the Cinema Display has IPS. TN typically has better response time, contrast ratio and price but worse color reproduction.

    You should first decide what panel type suits you best, then look at individual prices. Also consider if you want glossy or matte.
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