24" screen fixed?


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Oct 10, 2007
A friend of mine went to an applestore to check out the new imacs, he was aware of the screen issues.
After checking the one there he couldn´t find a single problem with it.
According to the salesman (who also was aware of the issue) the recent ones they got had been much better, actually the best since launch.
I don´t know if this is just coincidence or if apple actually found a solution?
I was going to exchange mine for a mac mini and a ACD screen but now I think I´ll put that on hold and ask for a replacement instead and hope for the best!
I did talk to apple support today, the guy I first talked didn´t know much so I got to talk to one of the tech guys and he was clearly aware of the issue but did not know of any solutions, only that some had gotten better by calibration and that was the only tip he could give. He also said that chances were big to get a replacement with the exact same issue.
I would be fine with that if it´s not as bad as mine is now.
Well anyway, a little hope that things are going in the right direction!


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Mar 12, 2007
Manchester, UK
The ones is the store will be the ones from launch. I doubt they will have changed them - the specs haven't changed.


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Sep 24, 2007
I noticed the same thing at the store a few weeks ago - I looked at the four or five 24-inchers there up and down, with different backgrounds and brightness and could not see any problem. It could be that the problem is more obvious in low light (those stores are so bright).

On a similar note, I swear that I could see a vertical gradient in every single 20", but I could not figure out if it was because of viewing angle changes, reflections from the store lights, or real. It is so subtle, that it was hard to tell.

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