24hr delivery . . . ordered friday night and still no UPS van...

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by R-41157, Jan 17, 2009.

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    I ordered the new cinema display and keyboard in one order at exactly 9.01pm on Thursday night with the website saying they were available for 24hr delivery, and then I ordered a stand for my MBP about 15 minutes afterwards and paid a little extra for the 24hr delivery assuming, that it was apple and UPS they would deliver on saturday as by then it would be well over 24hours since my order but at 5.15pm on saturday I still havn't had a delivery.

    Is it normal for this to happen as it is incorporating a saturday into the mix? I also ordered something from another website on thursday night and it came today from a different courier, so why doesnt UPS deliver on a saturday?!

    I was just wondering whether anyone has had a similar experience? Friends of mine have ordered macs etc and delivery has been shockingly fast, i just assumed I would have the same service!

    I have tracked the order on the UPS website as well, says it is in transit and will be here on or before 19th but I go up to uni tomorrow night...so you can see why I am a little annoyed!

    Cheers for any advice or reflection on this! I am in the UK by the way, I imagine its different than the US!
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    From what people have said 24hr delivery is just how they ship it. It still takes time for them to box it up and get it out to the delivery company. From there it just does the fastest shipping available.

    That is the impression from people ordering, as some peoples computers came from China.

    From what I have read it doesn't seem worth it.
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    May 22, 2008
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    True point - but every other company claims 24hr shipping and it always arrive, I just expected the same from apple. Ive had things from the US come quicker than this. And UPS reckon it was despatched from Tamworth in the UK at 2.11am . . .tamworth is less than an hour from where I live! ha!
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    Feb 13, 2008
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    Well that might just explain it then eh!
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    ... Your telling me you didn't know that?

    Buying a product on Thursday EVENING and expecting it the next day. They don't have anybody working at Apple at 9PM on a Thursday to prepare your order.

    A little common sense and it would've saved you some money.
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    Aug 10, 2008
    I have never paid for the faster shipping. I ordered stuff from Apple and I got what I ordered with in 3-4 days. I ordered my Wii Fit on a Monday and got it on a Wednesday w/o the fast shipping.
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    hahaha you know what, no i didn't know that UPS did not deliver on saturdays...why would I know that? I am not a courier expert, i do not work at UPS and it is not something I would have ever considered. And if you look on the UK UPS website, it does not clearly state this as I did in fact have a look.

    And thank you very much for suggesting I should have a little common sense but it falls on wasted ears, as I already have a lot of it...I never said I thought there would be someone working at Apple at 9pm...that would be ridiculous. What I would think from experience is that ordering on a Thursday night would mean that my order would have been prepared on Friday morning before the cut off time for 24 hour delivery unless otherwise stated...just like every other company I have ordered from online in the UK.

    I don't know what happens in Toronto but in the UK, things usually ordered before 3pm on a Friday will arrive by 2pm on a Saturday unless otherwise stated, for some reason I assumed this would be the same for apple as it is such a big company. Fair enough that I assumed wrong.

    In my original post I said that I was in the UK so it might be different in the US or Canada, meaning there was no point for someone in the US to comment, especially not in the condescending manner you did.

    I made a slight misjudgment in Apples shipping procedures and just wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience. end of.
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    This entire thread is a fine example of complete naivety.

    The Apple Store does not say ANYWHERE that the goods will be delivered in 24 hours. The exact wording is "Ships: Within 24 Hours".

    The UK Apple Store offers no options to upgrade shipping on hardware like this. They send it by a standard courier of their choice, and it arrives at some point in the future. Did you order from the Apple Store or another website?

    It's common sense that deliveries aren't made on Saturdays. Many websites offer this option, but at significant additional cost. It is extremely rare to see a website offer it as standard as normally the courier will charge the retailer a lot for the service.
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    Aug 27, 2008
    What carrier delivers on Saturday in the UK? Besides the post/mail office? Have you ever received anything from UPS on a Saturday before? You might as well have gone to the Apple Store.
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    I wouldn't call it naivety, I would admit that maybe I misunderstood apples shipping. Simple as that!

    Citylink, Home (i think that is their name, they delivered this morning anyway) and Linx have all delivered to my house on a saturday.

    Anyway, I can't be arsed with this crap anymore. I was only looking to see if anyone in the UK could be human enough to just say "they don't deliver on saturday" or "yes, i made this same mistake as well". I don't know what possessed me to even make such a pointless post on here in the first place...
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    For future reference:

    If you want next day delivery, order Monday through Thursday no later than noon your time. This allows Apple a few hours to prepare the order and ship it off via UPS before the cutoff time. This also insures that you will get it the next day.

    Ordering Friday evening will likely make it not arrive till Tuesday. UPS will not even process the package till Monday moring now and you won't get it till Tuesday afternoon. This means you wasted the extra money you paid for next day delivery.

    Anytime I order online, I always choose next day delivery on Monday through Thursdays. If it's a Friday, I just wait till Monday to order.
    Nex day delivery costs allot more but then I know when it will arrive.
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    Found the OP rather funny. He doesn't work for UPS. I agree completely with your post, great.
  15. gazfocus macrumors 68000


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    When companies say next day or 24hr delivery, they usually mean next working day. With EVERY courier you have to pay quite a substantial amount extra to get Saturday delivery (normally double the price). Therefore, if the order was prepared and shipped on Friday, it will likely be with you on Monday.
  16. stainlessliquid macrumors 68000

    Sep 22, 2006
    They do ship on Saturday if you order 2 day or earlier shipping. I dont think "24hour shipping" is an option, what was the shipping option you ordered? Overnight/nextday is the usual options for quick shipping and theyre VERY expensive, "24 hour shipping" doesnt sound right.
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    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.

    In my experience, I never pay for overnight deliver unless I'm sure there is enough time for them to process everything. I would say that the latest in the week to order would be Wed evenings. That would give them Thursday to process the order so that they can get it to the shipper the same day. If the product gets into the shippers hands that afternoon, they can probably get it to you the following day depending on where you live. If I don't place my order in time, I just go with standard shipping and expect it the following week. It's really a no-brainer.
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    "Shipping" and "Searching Through Warehouse, Packaging, Transferring to Delivery Company, THEN Shipping" are two different things.

    Maybe in the year 3001 these things will be immediate, but until that time realistically overall delivery is going to take more than 24 hours.
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    To the OP. Honest mistake, so forget about it. It'll be nice if shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS delivered weekends but you can't have everything I guess.

    Just a tip for the future: Don't bother paying for the faster shipping with Apple. From my experience, they ship super quick and the item usually arrives in 2-3 days. Never overnight of course, that'll be expecting too much. :) so yeah.

    My personal example: ordered a MBA on a Friday and received it on a Monday. I live in Canada and the MBA shipped from California.
  20. Electro Funk macrumors 65816

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    UPS does saturday deliveries, as does FedX... for an extra charge. (and it is not cheap.)
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    UPS does offer next day air Saturday delivery for a price, and must be called in. In any case, wait for an email or an update to your apple account with your shipping info. Odds are, if you haven't recieved either then your order isn't even in the mail yet, let alone on it's way to you.

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