24P and 30P stutter on my HF100

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Chris7, Nov 24, 2008.

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    When use 24P or 30P on my HF100, it stutters like crazy when panning, even panning fairly slowly. (I understand some blur is to be expected, but not a jumpy stutter). I've tried other shutter settings (like 1/60), and disabling the image stabilization, but this does not help. 60i looks fine on pans. I tried a HF10 and a HV30 and they have the same problem with 24P and 30P. Is there some setting I can try to stop the stutter?

    If this is just what you get with consumer Canons, what is the cheapest camera that will do 24P or, preferably, 30P properly? Does this jump me up to the prosumer cameras ($3K+).

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    I haven't used the HF100, so I'm answering blind, but it may not be the camera that's doing anything wrong.

    30p has half the temporal resolution of 60i. You're only getting half the information. It's like watching an old web video at 15fps and wondering why it looks jumpy or stuttery.

    If you want to shoot 30p, your three non-camera-specific options are (in no particular order):

    1. Change the shutter speed to 1/30. It will make it video-y again*, but smoother.
    • Pan slower and smoother.
    • Shoot 60i. (What's wrong with that?)

    * This may be what you're trying to avoid by shooting 30p. But do you really want your home movies to look like unconvincing feature films? Home movies and feature films are two totally different things.
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    also I am connecting between my camera to my computer through a mini-usb to usb. am I losing quality because its not a firewire connection?
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    I have used a HF100 quite a bit and never noticed any stutter or blur. In fact, everything looked great and was much better quality then I expected from a $550 camera.

    I have tried pretty much every setting on the camera, and got the best results in 30p mode.

    No, once the video is on the hard drive/flash card it is digital. The quality will be the same no mater how you transfer it.
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    Just curious, but you mention "NOT" noticing any stutter or blur...is that raw footage or edited footage? And by edited footage I mean edited footage viewed locally as opposed to uploaded to the web, as its clear quality is lost in that process.



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