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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by nateo200, Oct 8, 2011.

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    Ok so debating between which looks better or which is more artsy, etc. is a hot topic but I want to hear your guys input. I recently shot 24p and 30p side by side and they look the same but different...in addition to shooting my short film I will be shooting some mini projects of very short lengths and limited pre-production stuff. Its something I love doing, especially since I have way too much time on my hands haha..I may be shooting a friends band as sort of a music video deal and throw something together quick and I was thinking of different fps settings. So heres what I think and of course I want thoughts and debating since I'm a novice I like critical thoughts too!

    24/25p: Artsy cinematic movie projects. Slow moving video. Artsy music videos
    30p: Fast paced music videos. Interviews. TV Production. General Video.
    60p: Fast paced music videos, especially with allot of hand held stuff.

    Thoughts? Also what do you guys think of combining different frame rates in Final Cut Pro X if you feel 24p and say 30p in one video would give a certain look...
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    Dn't mix frame rates unless you plan on using some for slow-mo etc... you will export it at one frame rate.
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    You can mix multiple frame rates (and even formats) on a timeline in FCP (this has been the case since version 6), but it's always going to conform everything to what the sequence/timeline is set at.

    For motion pictures, the "24p look" is often desired because it's the closest looking thing to traditional film shot at 24 fps. People are somewhat accustomed to seeing the slight motion blur that's characteristic of the frame rate.

    30p is best used for web video and mobile devices. 60p is better for material with fast-moving subjects (sports, for example).

    Big television shows are often shot on film or professional 24p video cameras. A sports game may be shot on 60p video cameras. But in any case, the content gets conformed to whatever the country standard is (29.97 NTSC/ATSC in the US, for example).

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