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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by pigbat, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Editing in FCP. I shot a project on a 60D at 24fps with the intent to put on the web. I imported all the footage through log and transfer at 24fps. Edited and uploaded to Vimeo and things look really good. The short turned out much better than I anticipated so I was planning to go ahead and submit to a couple film festivals. This leads me to several questions and I'm a bit out of my element. I searched around but couldn't find any specifics that answered these for me.

    1. The film festival wants a SD DVD for their submission. Is the best workflow to produce a 24fps version in ProRes and them put it into compressor to convert to a DVD friendly format? Which format will look the best?

    2. I sent the 24fps version into iTunes to watch on my Apple TV and it was of course pretty jittery due to frame rate issues. Again, should I take a ProRes version into compressor and have it output to Apple TV format? I did this and it was much cleaner but am not sure if this is the most efficient method.

    3. Do I need to worry about jitter when producing either a DVD copy for the screener or a Blu-Ray? It seems as if the DVD player handles to 24/30 conversion on its own. I don't currently own a Blu-Ray so I couldn't really test it.

    I apologize if these are really dumb questions. Don't hesitate to tell me if my workflow was completely flawed from the beginning.

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    SD DVDs are only DVD-compliant MPEG-2. Just don't be stingy on the bitrate and you'll be fine. If you are using FCP7 you can send the timeline from FCP directly to Compressor w/o having to make a ProRes intermediate.

    Can't comment as I don't have an apple TV.

    Yes, DVD and Blu-ray can be made at 23.976fps (aka 23.98, aka 24p).

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    The best advice is to convert you video to 23.97 at 720x480 widescreen anamorphic. When imported into DVD SP, it won't have to scale the video and it should convert it to the proper frame rate and mark it as anamorphic widescreen. You don't want DVD SP to mess with your video. You can save time by ripping the VIDEO_TS folder that DVD SP creates, and testing the encoded MPEG2 video with a tool such as DVDxDV and then bringing it back to FCP and checking for errors.

    Apple TV shouldn't have a problem with 23.98 video. Make sure you exported the video to 23.98 for NTSC and not 24 FPS exactly. That will cause skipping.
    Yes, you should be very concerned about any anomaly in the video. It's likely that there is something wrong in your workflow.
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