256 ssd or 128 ssd paired with a 500 gb external?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Eggtastic, Jul 24, 2011.

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    i am having trouble justifying the extra $300 to pay for my memory. but i would be future proofing in a way and also keep the value of the machine higher for resale down the line.

    i mean it is ultra convienent to have 256 right in the machine. on my old mbp i took up about 60 of my 120 hdd. i bought an protable external (WD 500 gb) to act as a backup device but could use it to store other media items (i plan to take up photography so i will need a good photo edit program and of course room to store photos (nothing crazy its just a hobby).

    what are your thoughts on this? i see a lot of people opting for 128 ssd so was wondering if you pair it with an external.

    also this is my main machine.
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    If you can afford it, do it. No one ever complained about having too much storage, especially in a SSD. If you plan to keep you machine more than 2 years, then it is a good investment. :cool:
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    Jul 22, 2011
    HDD memory is cheap nowadays anyways. As for resale value I doubt the 128gb or the 256gb will make too much of a difference. iCloud is coming and SSD will get cheaper and cheaper over time. It's really up to you for what you need since iCloud will be able to store your photos and such.
  4. Wormald macrumors regular

    Jun 10, 2011
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    I am buying a new Air, but my old MacBook had about 80GB of files that I really needed (not the case for everyone, but most). The old MacBook had a 500GB HDD and my backup is a 1TB.

    -- Removed the 80GB of files
    -- Took my TM backup and converted it to a regular HDD
    -- Put the 80GB of files on it.

    When my Air comes, I'll:

    -- Put the 80GB of files on the MBA
    -- Backup using TM on my 1TB HDD
    -- Throw stuff I don't need away to claim space on the Air
    -- Use TM if I really need something again (a song, whatever)

    Can't wait for my new computer!

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