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    Oct 23, 2016

    I was trying to recover a 4870 that did not like the bios I created for it. I used the 2600XT from my 2008 Mac Pro as the primary card and the 4870 as the secondary card. I verified that the 4870 was device 1 using the command "atiflash -i". So I used the command "atiflash -p -fs -fp 1 4870.rom" to flash the 4870 back to it's original bios and that did work. However, the 2600XT will no longer display video. In a Windows system, it will boot all the way into Windows but the screen remains black.

    After much digging around I found an ancient Nvidia card to use as the primary card with the 2600XT as the secondary card.

    Using the command "atiflash -i" I get the following:

    adapter bn dn dID asic flash romsize test bios p/n
    ==== == == == ===== ===== ====== === =====
    0 04 00 9500 RV630/M76 R600 spi 10000 fail -

    With the command "atiflash -ai" I get:

    Adapter 0 (BN=04, DN=00, PCIID=95801002, SSID=95801002)
    Asic Family : RV630/M76
    Flash Type : R600 SPI (64kb)
    No VBIOS

    I downloaded what I believe to be the original 2600XT bios, one provided to another user by MacVidCards in another thread, it is 60k. However, when I try to flash that (or a few others) to the 2600XT using the same command "atiflash -p -fs -fp 0 2600XT.rom" it comes back with the error "failed to read rom"

    My question: Does anyone know how to get past the "failed to read rom" error? If I need to replace the bios chip, does anyone have a picture showing which of the many 8 legged chips is the bios chip?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Oct 23, 2016
    Update for anyone whom cares. I identified the bios chip, removed it. Programmed a fresh chip and soldered that on. I get the same as above. I also read the contents of the original chip and the bios appears intact.

    Anyone got any insight on this?
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    You already did much more than it's worth. Trash it.

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