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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by albarran9, May 13, 2012.

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    I'm needing to purchase a new computer to run my Logitech Alert Security cameras on. They are connected via ethernet cable. I need a computer that is quiet and can handle heat well. I would use it to stream the video capture form my security cameras in real time to a 20-24 inch monitor. I have tried it with my old Macbook using BootCamp (win 7) because the software requires windows. It works well as the video goes, but it gets really hot and the fans are loud. I would be setting this up in a bedroom and need it to be as quiet as possible. I've already got a mac ecosystem and would like to stay in it. Would the newest mac mini's work? I've seen many videos on youtube where mini's are used a htpc and handle video very well, but cant hear how lowed and hot they het from the videos.
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    Any Mac you stream video to is going to get hot.
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    Would I be better off getting a small PC tower then? I have a MacPro tower now that stays relatively cool, but the fans a very loud. I also use it as my main computer.
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    If your MacBook is running hot with its fans on high, the Mini is going to be nearly the same thing. Heck, ANY computer is going to run hot when running 27 hours a day! :D

    More seriously, the more powerful the CPU (i5, i7), the less likely it's going to be that recording/displaying streaming video from your cameras is going to tax the processor's capabilities, meaning your system should run cooler and quieter.

    On another note, my security system uses a stand alone recorder unit with two semi-noisy fans. I put it away in the closet and I don't hear it at all in the room. These kinds of recorders won't work with the Logitech cameras though.

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