27-iMac: Grey Screen of Death! HELP!

Discussion in 'iMac' started by kdesign7, May 31, 2010.

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    Feb 1, 2010
    earth, for now.
    Alrite so let me explain to you how this screen came about.

    First off, I own a 27-inch iMac.

    I was online, reading some news, then after a bit of that, I went to watch a movie, like I have done countless times before with no such incident. 5-10 seconds into the video clip, the computer went dead. Not fans running, nothing. Dead. Dead. Dear.

    I pressed the restart button, and it turned on like it was fine. Got the light grey screen, with the small apple logo in the center. Then a few moments later, a darker grey transition folded down from the top and i was prompted with this error message. I have no CLUE what-so-ever what it means. Ive tried a few times to restart and the same thing. Ive left it unplugged for 30 minutes to make sure there was no residual energy floating around, and same thing.


    I called Tech Support (1800myapple) and since my 90 day phone service is up and over with, I still have 140 more days for the hardware, but the guy thinks it's a software issue.


    Also, I haven't installed, downloaded, uninstalled anything worth mentioning that would of caused this error. I've very computer savvy, more so than most, but Im not a die-hard computer nut... but I do have a great understanding of whats going on... but im at a lose for words.
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    Feb 25, 2006
    Try booting it with your restore CD and see what happens.
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    Feb 1, 2010
    earth, for now.
    I was given this suggestion from another person... which I am going to try when I get home... :) Im at work till 7am.

    Now, I just gotta find my disk.. I have way to much sh*t laying around the place... too many disks... way too many.


    Ill post my results here.

    Thanks again!
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    Feb 1, 2010
    earth, for now.
    Definitely didn't get any results with my issue on this forum board, but that's ok. Maybe no one has had this issue... yet. I hope they don't.


    I wasn't able to boot into the OS, and wasn't able to access any of my files.

    I tried several attempts to use Disk Utility to Verify and Repair the Disk, and I had no error messages demonstrated.

    I tried CRTL + OPT + P + R to reboot the system shortly after I pressed the power button. When I pressed the button, I heard the bootup chim, and then a few short seconds later, it rebooted again with the chim, but came back to the error msg.

    When you press the power on botton, I held down the C button and waited for the next screen to load, which then gave me the option to "Restore" the OS. At first, I thought this would wipe the HD clean, and reinstall. After doing some research, I found out that doing this option would not CLEAN the HD at all. What it would do is... it would REINSTALL MAS OS X (10.6.3 about 5.6GB needed) to the Macintosh HD (which I selected) and OVER WRITE the existing OS Files, leaving all personal settings, files intact.

    It took about 50 minutes to complete, then prompted with a restart button. Restarted and was brought to the login window, with my user ID present. I entered my passwork, and it booted into my settings. Background, Network Settings, Folder positions....everthing was where it left off before it crashed.

    I then processed to do a Time Machine backup to my external 1tb drive... and voila.

    --errr in the sense that I was able to gain all my files back. I then did a full clean install of the OS.

    Just wanted to leave my results here just incase anyone... finds themself in this type of situation.

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