27" imac or 2010 mini?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by rb5505, Dec 9, 2010.

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    The iMac would be the more powerful of the two devices, however I couldn't stand working with the huge glass mirror that comes with the iMac. With that in mind MacMini wins for me.

    (not checked if the viewsonic monitor you listed is glossy or not, but at least you can choose!)
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    Jul 7, 2008
    Mac Mini, because I don't need a monitor and it's smaller, portable and more versatile. For example, I connect a Mini to a video projector when I want to watch wall sized movies or TV. I wouldn't do that with an iMac. Also, a 27" monitor would be too large for my existing desktop setup.

    Unless you already have them, don't forget the cost of a keyboard and mouse for the Mini.
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    May 8, 2008
    iMac for sure. Faster, bigger HD, better graphics, beautiful display... The current Mac mini is too expensive for what you get.
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    I own for my business around 17 Macs, imacs, some Mac Pro's. No Mac Mini's.

    I also went through five imacs in a six month time span for my house. The Monitors all had problems. All of six of them.

    Yellowing, gray banding, stuck or bad pixels etc. I need the whites to be white, and the screen to have no stuck pixels. The imac screens all seem to have a yellow hue to them. I don't care how good the technology is inside the screen, IPS, LED whatever. If it doesn't look good or if you have continuous problems it doesn't really matter.

    The imac you are thinking about getting power wise is no better than the 2010 Mini, not any faster and if you get the server the 2010 has just as much storage.


    I got rid of a Core i7 860 desktop and bought mini server. Bought a so called 'inferior' 25 inch HP 2509m screen, which has a TN panel to go along with it.

    You know what? The HP 2509m looks better. Actually I have another 27 core i5 2009 imac in the same room at my house I use for work and the two are almost five feet away from each other. Side by side the HP looks better, by a wide margin. Colors are uniform, no yellowing, no stuck pixels etc.

    The whites are white, no stuck or dead pixels and with the Brightview screen there is no glare, none. You get the benefit of a matte screen with the clarity of a glossy. The screen is fantastic.

    With the mini you have more versatility. You can upgrade your mini every year if you want to. Always have the latest Mini. Used Mini's on ebay are selling for almost as much as new ones. Sandybridge on the next mini coming in the not too distant future will be a little powerhouse. Your monitor goes get a new one, Mini goes get a new one. Imac goes the whole thing has to be replaced.

    I bought a HP 2509m, and mac mini server for around 1,200. 120.00 for 8GB ram from OWC.

    950 for the mini server, 250 on sale for the HP.

  6. ascarda macrumors newbie

    Sep 12, 2010

    the new mini solution is too expensive if you don't have a monitor

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