27" iMac output to HDTV - best approach?


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Nov 2, 2009
Ok, so I just ordered the 27" iMac. Trying to figure out the best way to do output to TV. There 2 approaches I would suspect.... but since the 27" display signal is 2560x1440 (HDTV can only go up to 1080p). I don't know of any adapter or TV that can support this resolution. Will the signal come in only partially displayed

1) Wireless

Atlonas - HDAIR wireless usb to HDMI/VGA with audio


pros+: one connection for audio and video, usb, easy setup, hdmi out, wireless
cons-: reported sucky framerates, max res is 1440x1220 (720p), not mac compatible (so will req bootcamp/vmfusion/parallels - windows).

2) Wired

Would need the following

mini displayport + toslink audio + usb to hdmi out
1) http://gizmodo.com/5380669/mini-displayport-to-hdmi-adapter-with-digital-audio-review

50ft hdmi cable
2) http://www.monoprice.com/products/p...=10240&cs_id=1024002&p_id=2804&seq=1&format=2

I heard 50feet is about the limit of HDMI for 1080p if you don't want to mess with amplifiers to correct signal lost.

So which option would you recommend? And is there a better way?



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Jul 14, 2009
Once connected, you will be able to configure the TV as a second screen, meaning you will be able to set its resolution independently of your iMac's display, or you'll be able to mirror the screens at the least common denominator (i.e., 1080p)

I don't really like the wireless idea unless running wires would be extremely difficult.

How far away is the TV? And what type of audio system will it be hooked to? I think your best bet in terms of overall quality and satisfaction would be the wired approach.

2 options for extending the HDMI cable past 50 feet:
1)HDMI Repeater. This one uses the power transmitted over HDMI to repeat the signal. No signal degradation to worry about.
2)Ethernet cable extender. This uses an Ethernet (network) cable to make the long distance run. It's apparently good to 100ft or so, and Cat6 cables are generally much cheaper than HDMI cables, so this could be a cheaper overall solution.

Either way, use monoprice.com for the best prices on cabling. Good luck!


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Jan 10, 2008
Option 3) ATV. 40gb Refurb is $150.

Pros: Slick interface. Wireless N. No cables or mirroring monitors or messy wireless solutions. Interface separate from computer. made for tv.

Cons: 720p for the spec peepers. Perhaps more expensive than methods 1 or 2.

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