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Discussion in 'iMac' started by keebs1978, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Feb 8, 2010
    hello all im very new to forums so please go easy on me and what makes it worse im very new to apple to.
    i have recently purchased a 27" i5 imac less than 2 mths ago, the start of my problems was i turn the machine off one night and i could still hear a buzzing noise ( like a transformer on a power supply, im an electrician and that best describes it!) i ignored it to begin with and some days later when i could still here it thats when i got concerned, so i decided to unplug everything and restart, thats when problem 2 showed itself when i plugged any powered device into the usb ports got got blue sparks! (im no genius but that surely isn't normal, is it?) so i got on the phone to apple and after some button pushing they asked me to take it somewhere for repair, which i did and 2 wks later it returned with a new logic board and psu??? and still sparking! also i have read on a few posts that some imacs wont wake up for sleep, mines the complete opposite it wont sleep from either the menu or tapping the power button the only way i managed to make it sleep was to unplug ALL of the usb devices including keyboard and then tap the power and it slept like a baby! having spoke again with apple for a long time they now have agreed to exchange it (in a months time due to "no stock" on the applestore so really what im asking of you guys is have any of you heard of any of the faults listed
    1 sparks from usb when powered devices are plugged in
    2 buzzing noise when imac is turned off
    3 imac NOT sleeping

    is there any thing you would suggest many thanks keebs1978

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