27'' imac QCi5 first gen vs. second gen DCi5

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    First time buyer seeking advice on these two systems. Going the refurb rout would the first gen quad core i5 or the second gen dual core i5 be better? Are there any charts rating performance? How about the graphics? The 4850 was the best card in the first gen. The 5670 is the slower of the two in the new model. Does the 5670 beat out the 4850?

    Any input is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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    iMac i5 (New Versus Old)

    I dont know about the video cards, but the processor in both of these iMacs are quad core, not dual. The only dual core "i" series iMac is the i3. Every iMac that shipped with an i5 was quad core.
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    At this point, a new iMac is likely to be released within a month. If you can wait, I'd wait. At that point, check out Low End Mac's "value equation" article (they do one every time new hardware comes out comparing the new hardware to the old, including the 'new old stock' pricing on the previous-gen model and even previous-gen refurb prices. Excellent way to compare.

    The 4850 is faster than the 5670, sometimes just barely, sometimes by a long shot.

    The Late 2009 iMac could have either a Core 2 Duo processor or a quad-core Core i5 or i7 processor.
    The Mid 2010 iMac (still the current model as of today,) can have a dual-core Core i3, a dual-core Core i5 (as a build-to-order upgrade from the dual-core Core i3 only,) or a quad-core Core i5 or i7.

    The replacement (due any day now) will very likely use the "Second Generation Intel Core" processor, which is quite a bit faster than the ones in the current model. And the graphics will likely be upgraded to the point that even the 'low end' option is better than the 4850. But depending on how well they discount the now-current model, it may be a better buy.
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