27" iMac screen questions

Discussion in 'iMac' started by deyorew, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Mar 7, 2011
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    1) When shopping for a big screen tv, I always find that when you get the thing home it seems much larger in the house than it did in the store.

    Would you say the same thing about the 27" iMac?

    2) I haven't look at iMac's in the store in a while, is the resolution great? I am thinking in terms of visibility of pixels. Looking at the original iPad is rough to me now that I have a Retina pad. How do these iMac's compare knowing they aren't Retina?

    3) is the 27" large enough to have to tasks side by side such as two Safari's to compare or mail and safari based mail open side by side. I use a 22" PC at work and I would say side by side is not ideal. But the extra space on the 27" may be really nice.

    4) Does the larger size make moving the mouse all around more work? Or does it seem the same as the smaller screen?
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    1) agree it will look bigger at home. Think about your desk/room and how it will look there not in the store.
    2) Retina is only needed if you sit 8 inches from the screen. At say about 2 ft you would probably not notice the difference without retina.
    3) yes you can have 2 apps open side by side.
    4) pretty sure you can adjust the speed and settings on the Magic Mouse if its a problem. Could always through a tracker pad in there.

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