27-inch iMac: dust under the screen

Discussion in 'iMac' started by kdesign7, Jul 17, 2010.

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    earth, for now.
    Ive had the iMac now for a number of months (about 9 months). Its always on, which i assume is typical for a desktop machine, to be able to leave it running.

    A few months ago, i noticed what looked like a streak across the screen, but it wasnt on the outside, it was on the under side of the glass. Now, the streak is very visible esp in natural lighting. Its not noticable at night, because the screen light shines through it making it invisible.

    It looks like dust? But im not 100% sure, but it has a directional pattern which leads me to believe its being causes by the inner fans of the system, and that there are some gaps where the air flow is constant. Also, the streak is in the upper left hand corner mostly (no where on the bottom poritions). Im assuming that the place holder at the top-backside of the iMac, for the exhaust fans to expell the heat from within, is what is causing this air flow.

    Ill get some photos uploaded later today when there is more natural lighting.

    On a side note, i am a non-smoker so its not smoke residue.

    Im curious if anyone else has had this issue, and if so, what did you do to fix it?

    Would this be covered under applecare? When i made the call a few months ago, the spokes person told me that this obvsly shouldnt happen, but at the time it was very faint and wasnt an issue, but its become an issue now. I know i should just call, which i have already this morning, but they werent open so i thought id bring my questions here.

    Thank you in advance for reading my post and i appreciate any and all replids.

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    They should be able to clean it very quickly at the genius bar. I brought my 24" iMac in when I got it in the mail because it had a small piece of plastic or something behind the glass and he took it in the back and removed it in about 30 seconds.
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    Waiting for someone to say their imac is flawless.
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    My iMac is FLAWLESS....

    Sorry you had to wait a week for someone to say that. :D
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    I have this on my 24'' 2008 Imac...

    in the upper middle. the pattern is strange.. like coffee spills. i tried removing the glass panel. no luck. i think its attatched to the screen... the entire screen has been getting worse over the course of these last two years. i seem to have burn in and marks from around different places... i can faintly see icons, panels when i have a bright screen lighting up the computer. then you notice the burn-in effects of different objects.

    i hoped some of these issues would have been resolved in this Imac!
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    This is normal and considered as normal wear and tear according to Apple. Most iMacs I have seen have this, or will get it over time, including mine. I'm lucky as my really nice local Apple reseller replaced my iMacs screen 4 times already although he didn't have to. The dust is not only on the glass, but will burn itself into the screen, so the entire screen has to be raplaced to get rid of this. I certainly will never buy one of Apples crappy mirror dust and smudges underneath pos glass screens again.

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