27" Loud HDD -- not a problem, matter of firmware updates.

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mtnDewFTW, Mar 21, 2010.

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    So, a few weeks back, I posted a thread about my loud HDD, it was a Seagate, and since I've heard so many terrible things about that certain model, I decided to go down to the Apple Store and have my computer checked out. So, after about a week, they finished working on it, and they even put a new HDD in! Now, it's a Hitachi HDD 1TB.

    So, I went online, and to me it looks like people have been having these grumbling noise issues with their iMacs on all sorts of HDD, Seagates, WD, Hitachi, etc. So basically, it's not the HDDs themselves, it's the iMacs. And I'm sure that this whole noise 'problem' could be fixed with a simple firmware update, or if Apple put some sort of padding around the iMac itself, because Al doesn't eliminate much noise.

    Anyway, post in this thread if your iMac is making grumbling noise.
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    My iMac was making the grinding, constant writing noise...I was even waiting for apple care to send me another machine.

    I got sick of waiting so I did every type of update/reset I could find.

    Turns out a simple PRAM reset fixed my noisy HDD. silent as a mouse now...and has been for 8 minutes or so.

    I'll post back to see if it stays quiet.


    So, turns out I was mistaking this noise for the HDD. I think it's the display or power supply making the noise that I'm hearing.

    Now the noise is gone except when the screen brightness is down halfway or less...or when the screen dims before it goes to sleep.

    I guess I will be sending it in for a new one.

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