280,000 files in trash can?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by interconnect, Mar 6, 2008.

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    Nov 15, 2007
    so i was helping a friend upgrade his macbook to leopard the other night at his parents house, and while it was installing we were trying to do some stuff on his parents iMac G5 (has leopard 10.5.1 on it) and the machine was damn near unusable. this thing has apparently been used and abused to death by them and their kids.. it was just a mess. programs and the os were running incredibly slow, files scattered all over the place, etc. i tried closing all the programs, rebooting, cleaned up some stuff, which seemed to help. but when trying to empty the trash can, it scanned for the files to be deleted and topped out at somewhere around 280,000 files. yes, 280,000 files.. and took about 30 minutes to scan for them and actually remove them. it stopped the first attempt at some point because their was "locked' files in the trash can and it noted that to remove these files you had to hold the option key while emptying the trash for it to work.. which i did and it worked. has anyone seen anything like this before? i'm just kinda curious what the heck could do this. i know that sometimes when programs crash os x will dump files in the trash can in case of recovery.. could this be somehow related?

    also, i had some problems installing leopard on my friends machine. their was apparently a problem with the (original) disc.. the first installation failed, so i re-tryed but this time didn't skip the disc check. i skipped it the first time because it had already been done on that disc a couple times before and i didn't think it needed to be done again; the disc is in perfect shape, no scratches. the disc check came up with a message saying that their was a problem with the disc and to clean it and try it again. to save time, we used my backup copy of the leopard install disc and everything went ok.. leopard installed with no issues. so apparently their is a problem with that disc.. should my friend take it back to the store and get a new disc? will they do that? has anyone had a similar issue to this?
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    I've seen on the order of tens of thousands of flies in the trash, but only when deleting either large applications (which can, internally, contain a lot of files) or removing a "Previous Systems" folder after an OS upgrade--those folders can contain huge numbers of files, and it's totally normal.

    I'd have looked, myself, to see what all that was. I'd be a little surprised if a relatively clueless user bothered to delete a Previous Systems folder, but that does seem like the most likely culprit.
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    yeah i didn't see the files, and i wish i did. i didn't take a peek cuz i thought it would take a long time to populate the list of files given the huge number of them.

    i wonder if time machine is somehow involved.. they recently got an external and have it running. that's the only other thing i can think of that would deal with that number of files.

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