29,000+ Address Book entries just appeared....

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    Apr 12, 2010
    SO I was working on cleaning up someone's MBP the other day and they pointed out that this one single email address is in their address book a bunch of times. So, I ran a search in Address Book to isolate that email (which is a "card" in their contact list) and it appears almost 30,000 times. In addition to that entry that shows up so many times, there is a phone number @somethingsomething.com (I forget what it was but I found it has something to do with Verizon after I plugged it into Google). That number@something.com was linked to a different address book entry than the one that was duplicated so many times.

    I tried to select all and delete, but that task seems a bit too daunting for the computer (pinwheel forever) and deleting them 10 at a time is, well, going to take quite a while (I'll end up backing up files and restoring for them later this week hopefully).

    I ended up calling Apple Care and the gentleman on the other end said he thinks it is a sign of adware or malware. Has anybody heard about this happening? Can anybody shed some light on this?

    *Note: The email address that appears so many times IS legitimate (it's somebody they know), but the person who owns the computer says they've only had maybe 2 email exchanges before. I know this person also just did something like a rebuild on their Entourage that took them forever.
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