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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Apps' started by BeyondtheTech, Jun 3, 2015.

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    Normally $14.99, this app has gone free until June 12!

    2Do lets you take a completely different approach to managing your tasks. With its extremely simple-to-use interface and a comprehensive and flexible set of powerful features, it lets you focus on what's most important to you: your life. There is no wrong way of using 2Do, and unlike other to-do apps, it won't force you in adhering to a particular task management methodology.

    Includes Apple Watch companion app.

    If someone needs a comprehensive app that syncs with your Reminders (along with many other services), try this on for size.

  2. AJsAWiz, Jun 4, 2015
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    I, previously, owned 2Do IOS. I just saw, today, that the Mac version which is normally $49.99 (which is why I never bought it before) is on sale this week for 50% off at $24.99 so I bought it! I was waiting for Things to come down in price (I have the IOS versions of this too) but it hasn't happened so I'm going with 2Do which is very similar.

    I like how both (2Do and Things) look on my Apple Watch.

    The only thing, with 2Do for the Mac, I'm having problems with are the sync options. I did not see the iCloud option mentioned on the list of features. So, I went with Drop Box until I figure it out.

    Oops; Nevermind . . . I misunderstood. It syncs through Reminders (CalDAV), which is through my Apple ID account so I had to enter my Apple ID information.

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