2g Replaced via AppleCare-- now it won't activate!

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    Hey everyone,

    Just got my launch iPhone replaced (thank you AppleCare) because the home button would not work. In any case, the unit I received did not activate in store (the Genius said AT&Ts servers must be down). All day long, I've tried to activate it via iTunes, but again and again, I've got the message " iPhone Activations are not available at this time."

    I haven't seen any discussion about the servers being down, or anybody else having similar issues. I changed the SIM from a phone I had a few years back, and it walks me through the process of setting up a new/existing account-- but I don't want to go through with that in the case AT&T charges me. My phone is a paperweight, and I'd just like to hear some advice on where to go from here. Obviously going to an AT&T store/talking to Apple would be the priority, but I'm just wondering if anybody has encountered a similar problem lately.

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