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    May 30, 2008
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    Hell yeah I hope they murder the hell out of the optical drives and get rid of those wastes of space. 1. I don't use it and 2. I want the people who fight to keep the optical drive and insult those that don't to be pissed the hell off
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    Brisk sales of the new MacBook Airs only serve to fortify claims that the design of the new portables can be seen as a harbinger for the future direction of Apple's other notebook families, which are similarly expected to adopt smaller footprints and shed yesteryear technologies -- such as hard disk and optical drives -- by the second half of 2012.

    Nothing new here. But I plan on buying before any design change in the MBP13.

    And 2nd half of 2012? That's still 2 more speed bumps away. Looks like for many the MBP's will be pretty boring for awhile. (in appearance at least).

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