2nd gen AirPods price prediction


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Dec 20, 2017
Since Apple have shamelessly increased by a significant margin the price points of almost all products they released this year what are your predictions for the rumored 2nd gen AirPods? And how much are you willing to give for them? I'm betting they're going to be priced at $200 minimum.


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May 30, 2008
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$199 to $249 depending on what’s the increment upgrade. Probably w2 chip, water proof, next gen Bluetooth (we already know), touch sensitive keys, wireless charger case, and probably some more.

But if there’s some of these upgrades, how the battery life going to be?


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Jun 27, 2007
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Are they still coming this year?

I let my wife borrow mine the other day to use with her new 40mm Apple Watch (her first smart watch unless you count an older fitbit with a clock) and she fell in love with them. She still thinks they look kinda stupid but loves the functionality and how free she feels when she is running without a cable sloshing about. So naturally she wants some, but she will only use them once a day to run and not much else, so I figured I could get the new ones and she could use these (I keep them really clean and she doesn't mind). She said this is the first tech product since getting an iPod when she was a kid that she is really excited about. Thought it was interesting to hear that from a "normal" user and the sorts of things they get excited about. But I've said it before on the forums, AirPods are one of the best and most underrated Apple products of the past several years.
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