2nd Hard Drive won't Initialize


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Aug 26, 2002
Somewhere near Philadelphia
I got a hold of a 20gig ATA hard drive to add to my G4 2x500 machine. I already have a 40 gig, which I partitioned when I replaced the original hard drive that crapped the bed. I put this second hard drive in as a slave. The computer sees it and gives me the stats and all for it, but it will not erase it no matter what I try. I got it from my someone who pulled it out of a PC, but it should work. I think it is a western digital and it looks just like the one in the machine now. Any help would be great....I need this second hard drive. Thanks!


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Oct 28, 2001
Greensboro, NC
if its an NTFS formatted drive, then that could be your problem. try booting to the OS X cd and repartitioning and formatting the drive from the drive utility there.
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